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4 Unique Drills to Improve the Bottom of Dips and Muscle-ups

muscle-up sadieA big teaching point with the coaches at power monkey fitness is getting comfortable in the bottom of a dip.  Just like you want to have a rock solid squat in order to perform the olympic lifts properly, the same things goes for the dip.  If you don’t have a rock solid bottom position in a dip then muscle-ups are going to be pretty tough.  Check out how strong and comfortable Coach Colin Geraghty in his muscle-up, particularly in the dip portion of the muscle-up:

Obviously just performing more dips and going through a full range of motion will build this.  I’m also a big fan of tempo dips and paused dips on parallel bars.  Here are 4 more ideas to help build strength, mobility, control and comfort in the bottom of a dip:

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