How Partnering with a Therapist or Chiropractor can Benefit your Box

By djpope

May 12, 2014

physical therapyThe onset of websites like MobilityWOD has built awareness around the benefit of having health care professionals like physical therapists and chiropractors partnering with local boxes.  According to chiropractor falls church va, if you’re a gym owner and you aren’t currently teaming up with a local professional, there are a variety of reasons why having one on board is beneficial, pop over to this website to understand why teaming up with a professional is essential.  Dr. Scott Hoar goes over some of the benefits of these partnerships as well as when to refer your clients out.

The Referral Process 

Referring your clients to a trusted medical provider creates options for your clients that want to avoid or treat their injuries.  Think of it as your insurance policy toward holding onto your members.  There’s no quicker way for a member to freeze or cancel their membership than when they have a significant injury and can no longer wod.

I’m willing to bet that every box owner or trainer reading this has been asked by a member in the past week, “when I do thrusters it hurts (pick a body part).  What should I do about that?  THIS IS WHEN YOU GET TO TAKE ACTION!
Send them to a medical professional!

When do you refer your clients?  When your clients:

  1. Experience pain either during their workout or at any other time in their life.
  2. Poor technique is limiting their progress.
  3. Don’t seem to be making progress the way they should.
  4. When they can’t do something they should be able to do
  5. When they are obviously having problems and you don’t know how you can help them.

What the conversation with your client looks like:

  1. Identify the problem at hand
  2. “Do you have someone you normally go to for that?”   if no…
  3. “I’ve got a great guy for ya, do you want his contact info?”  (And have the providers card/brochure, etc on hand)
  4. Do you want me to call him and let him know you will be making an appointment? (Take the initiative!)
  5. Be Prepared to do this last step multiple times (People don’t act when you want them to, only when they want to)

Who to refer to!

  1. Chiropractor or Physical therapist- when their shoulder/back/knee/etc hurts but they’d like a conservative approach (non-surgical/non-drug)
  2. Primary care- when they are sick or need medication
  3. Orthopedic doctor- when their shoulder/back/knee hurts and they’d like a non-conservative approach (drugs/surgery/injections/etc)

How else can they help you?

If you’re hosting a competition or event of any kind, they can be a resource toward covering your overhead, or just by providing cool services at the event (free sample treatments, or free assessments).  Have them set up a table and have them promote their practice while providing a service to your members.

Share social media posts and newsletters

If you have a blog or other materials that you’d like to circulate, they can share them on their social media outlets.  You can also do the same for them.

Have them run Mobility Clinics on a regular basis

This provides injury prevention strategies in house, sometimes for free!  It provides awesome material for your members while allowing the Doc to promote his practice.

*NOTE* I do not recommend creating discount rates for this partnership.  In the medical world, discounting services is illegal and could get the doctor into trouble.  Do not request that the doctor you partner with hooks up your patients with discounted rates.  

What strategies have you used for partnering with medical professionals?  Please share on the bottom of this post.

By Dr. Scott Hoar

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at [email protected].  If you are in the Boca Raton, FL area and are in need of a medical professional, call my office at 561.997.8898.  Scott’s website:

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