FPF Podcast Episode 30: Gymnastics, Crossfit and Safety with Dr. Dave Tilley

By djpope

February 10, 2014

Crossfit, Gymnastics, physical therapy, podcast

Dave TilleyThis week I get a chance to interview Dr. Dave Tilley.  Dave has a very interesting background as a competitive collegiate gymnast, physical therapist and crossfitter.  This combo allows for some excellent insight in how to bring gymnastics safely into the fitness realm.  Today we discuss:

  • [1:50] Introductions, porkchops and Dave’s background
  • [6:05] Dave’s website bridging the gap between physical therapy and gymnastics performance
  • [8:00] The dilemma between medical professionals and athletes
  • [10:24] What are the most common injuries seen in gymnastics and why are they occuring?
  • [12:50] How Dave integrates prehab and corrective exercises into his gymnastics programming for injury prevention
  • [15:14] Common exercises to fix anterior pelvic tilt and excessive lordosis commonly seen in gymnastics
  • [17:55] Dave’s thoughts on adding gymnastics movements into your fitness program and how to safely incorporate them
  • [20:05] Dave’s thoughts on crossfit bringing gymnastics into people’s lives
  • [21:42] When things go wrong when introducing gymnastics movements into crossfit
  • [25:17] Adding gymnastics progressions into your daily training for health
  • [27:44] Progressions to string together ring Muscle-ups
  • [29:28] Should we be using bands to assist us when learning muscle-ups?
  • [35:36] Should we screen clients before we add gymnastics exercises into people’s programs?
  • [40:56] The value of spending time working gymnastics skills in the gym
  • [43:20] How do we build longevity into crossfit and gymnastics exercises?
  • [46:35] How do I plug gymnastics exercises into my program without causing overuse injury given the large amount of variety and unique stress seen in a crossfit program?
  • [49:50] More about Dave’s website and where you can lean more about Dave’s work

The Hybrid Perspective – Dave’s Website

Get your handstand on, 

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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