Core Training Exercise: Around the World Plank

By dpope2020

October 15, 2012

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According to Stu McGill, low back pain researcher, we need to be training our core for stability and endurance in order to prevent low back pain.  This exercise fits the bill. I picked this one up at TEST sports performance at an internship back in undergrad.  Plank variations like this one promotes stability at the shoulder (serratus anterior), abdominals and cervical spine.

Coaching Cues:

  • Body Flat: Imagine someone pulling you from your head and feet and stretching your body out long.
  • Flex your quads, glutes, abdominals
  • Pack your neck, Press away from the floor
  • Slowly lift one limb at a time being certain not to let your body rotate as this happens.
  • To make the exercise easier take the feet out wider.
  • Tuck or Pack your neck
  • Never wear a shirt during this exercise

Give it a shot and report back.  Let me know what you think,


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