The Road to Success is a Lonely Road

By dpope2020

June 4, 2012

“Surround yourself with like-minded people who support you on the road to success”

                                    – Shirley George Frazier

Well, you know what?  Let’s be honest.  Sometimes people aren’t going to share your passions and goals the way you do.  It takes a long time to find good training partners.  I bet you not too many people in your work environment are going to eat as healthy as you do.  I really like the above quote from Shirley George Frazier, but it isn’t always possible to put yourself in an environment where you won’t meet criticism from somewhere.

Your gym buddies and training partners will come and go, they’ll miss sessions here and there.  You’ll be left on your own, questioning your own goals.

So what do you decide to do when you’re left by yourself, lacking motivation and support?

Oh, and what about your friends and family who aren’t involved in your sport?  They won’t always understand your drive.  They might even be against you.  For whatever reason it seems that what people aren’t up on, they’re down on.   Instead of the praise and support you’ll be craving you might find yourself being ostracized and ridiculed.

So, lone wolf.  I ask you, do you continue to push and continue with your quest, or do you fold and blend in with the doldrums of society? 

I can say one thing for certain, the only one who will fully understand your own goals will be yourself.  That’s probably going to mean a lot of training on your own.  It also means a lot of extra work with nothing to show for it except your own personal acknowledgement of continuing to pursue your goals.  In other words, it’s a lonely path.

John Rosinski, a friend of mine has a term for those who go out and take what they want in life.  He calls them hunters.  Those who aren’t satisfied with mediocrity and have an intense thirst for more in life.

The point is, don’t count on the rest of the world to form you into what you desire.   You’ve got to do it on your own.

Dan Gable has an excellent quote that I love.  His motivation was being the best wrestler of all time.  Then and now most people will have a tough time arguing against that.

“When I’d get tired and want to stop, I’d wonder what my next opponent was doing. I’d wonder if he was still working out. I tried to visualize him. When I could see him still working, I’d start pushing myself. When I could see him in the shower, I’d push myself harder.

       – Dan Gable Olympic Gold Medal Wrestler

Dan was not a stranger to the solitude of his passions.  I’d say he thrived in the knowledge that he was doing specifically what others were not to be the best in his field.  He used this as a fuel for his fire.  If the thought did cross Dan’s mind that he may be missing out on life somehow from devoting every ounce of his being toward something he believed in, it never showed.  I think that made him an amazing individual.

Dan was also a big believer that his mentality in wrestling prepared him for success in life.

Dedication and determination are two major traits that are lacking in the hearts of Americans.  Be an outsider.  Live your life on a set of morals and principles you hold dear to your heart.  Be different.  Hold yourself to these morals and congratulate yourself every time you hold these morals when it’s difficult.

So for those of you out there with undying passions, those of you who are fighting the good fight.  The ones who are forging their own paths despite what others may think, I applaud you.  Please continue on your crusade for greatness.  You can only be limited by your own passion and desire.

In the words of a good friend Robbie Arnold:

How bad do you want it?