Ultimate Training Program

to Get Out of Hip Pain and Back to Training

A training program to help get you out of pain and back to training the lifts you love.

Tired of Painful Hips During Squats, Olympic Lifts and Sumo Deadlifts?

You know what I'm talking about.  That aching pain in the front of the hip during the bottom of a squat.  You want to go deep but every time you do it hurts.  Squatting and olympic lifts go from your favorite lifts in the gym to your least favorite movements.  

Maybe it's also during sumo deadlifts.  Locking those out can be dreadful with a painful hip.  Sometimes it's like you don't even want to lock out your reps because of how uncomfortable it feels.  

Hip pain sucks.  Plain and simple.

The process of getting out of pain can be complex and confusing as well.  As an athlete it's really tough to know what to do about these injuries and maybe more importantly what NOT to do in order to fix this issue.  As an athlete you're left trying to figure out how the heck to get out of pain and why this even happened in the first place. 

  • Is my technique wrong on my lifts?  
  • Is more mobility the answer?  What about foam rolling? 
  • Is rest the best cure? Am I hurting myself by continuing to train?
  • What about rehab exercises?  Does the hip need strengthening?

In the end you're left confused and frustrated, repeating the same mistakes, staying in pain and not improving.

Hi, I'm Dan.  I'm a doctor of physical therapy.  I work every day getting people like yourself out of pain and back to training. 

Want to learn how to rehabilitate your hip pain and stay pain free for the long haul?

Hip pain is easily one of the most frequent problems that I encounter at the gym.  It can really interfere with your training goals.  If your hip hurts bad enough, olympic lifts, squats and sumo deadlift progress can really grind to a halt.  

Unfortunately, some doctors and physical therapists don't always understand the situation you're in.  You love training and you went to the doctor to figure out how to get back to training. 

Often times the advice is exactly the opposite of what you want to hear, "just stop squatting".  You wouldn't have gone to the doctor in the first place if they were going to tell you that.   What you really want is someone to guide you back to what you love, which is hard training.

This disconnect between medical providers and athletes leads you to seek advice in strange places. You'll ask friends, search online forums and try bogus rehabilitation techniques from online training gurus.

There is a lot of misinformation and poor advice floating around in the training world.  Some people end up causing more harm then good when attempting to troubleshoot their issues.

Meanwhile, you're left to suffer with hip pain and no one to help you...

How are we going to get back to what we love???

Olympic Lifts?


Deadlifts and other lower body exercises?

So here's the problem in a nutshell...

  • Hip Injuries Really Limit Your Ability to Train
    Hip pain is common in weight lifting and can restrict your ability to squat and deadlift the way you want.  Rehabilitation is complicated and the process of getting better is confusing and frustrating.
  • Doctors and Therapists Aren't Always Thoroughly Equipped to Deal with Hip Injuries
    Many healthcare providers don't exercise at all, let alone work with athletes to get them back to training in the gym.  They often won't have the understanding or competency to get you back.

  • Athletes Don't Trust Healthcare Providers
    Due to a lack of understanding and knowledge of what our athletes want to get back to, athletes become weary of advice from medical professionals.

  • Athletes Get Bad Advice
    Athletes are left looking for advice from sub-par sources like friends or online forums.  Often times this information is inaccurate and potentially dangerous.

  • Hip Pain is Never Resolved or Gets Worse...

So what are we to do?

In reality, we need guidance from experts who do this every day.  You also need guidance from experts who actually understand what you're trying to get back to.  You need a guide who walks the talk. You need someone who trains like you and has a proven track record of helping others get to where you want to be...

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

Hi I'm Dan Pope,

​I have a doctorate in physical therapy, am an orthopedic clinical specialist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

I have over 10 years of ​experience as a personal trainer and coach.

I've competed as a Division 1 athlete at Rutgers University as a polevaulter, won a state and national championship in the sport of strongman and have competed twice at the crossfit regionals.​

I travel and speak nationally on the topics of rehabilitation and injury prevention​.

I've worked with athletes from all levels ranging from your average Joe and Jane up to the professional, olympic and crossfit games level athlete.  

I collaborate with some of the smartest therapists in the world to provide elite level care at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston MA.

Most importantly, rehabilitation and performance is what I've devoted my life toward.  It is absolutely my passion in life.  I work with athletes every day that I'm alive helping them to get out of pain and back to training.  I'm a huge believer in walking the walk and talking the talk.  

This unique blend of rehabilitation, coaching and training experience gives me a special ability to help people get out of pain and back to training.  It also helps that I've also had several hip injuries myself, all of which I've been able to rehabilitate through and get back to training afterwards.

Announcing my solution to this problem:

Ultimate Training Program

to Get Out of Hip Pain and Back to Training

I've created a solution to this problem.  It's a training program that will help to get you out of hip pain and back to training the lifts you love.  

If you're reading this I'm guessing your lifts are currently in a tail spin and haven't gone up in quite some time.  I'll help you to reverse this and get back to the point where you're finally hitting PRs again.  

We'll do this with a step by step program to calm the hip down and build it back up over time.  

So What Is Included in the Program?

  • Training programs: An exact road map of how to get out of pain and back to training.  3 days per week of training with everything laid out for you (sets, reps, rest periods, tempos etc.)  Programs are 8-12 weeks in duration.
  • Programs for different goals1 program designed for olympic lifters getting back to training.  1 program designed for powerlifters, bodybuilders and regular people trying to get back to squats, deadlifts, and other lower body lifts.  Choose what you want to get back to and get going.
  • Step by step exercise guidance: Every exercise comes with a video demonstration with proper exercise technique and execution.
  • How to find your best squat stance: Learn how to find the best squat stance and technique for you.
  • Progressively more challenging movements - The program is designed to unload the hip initially and then to progressively strengthen it over time and slowly expose it back to squatting and deadlifting.
  • Modifications - Learn how to modify the squat and deadlift when the hip hurts so you can continue to train without irritating the hip more.
  • Accessory program options: Don't want to give up your current WOD or current training program?  No problem, there's an accessory program included that simply tacks exercises onto the end of your workout to help get you out of pain without overhauling your entire training routine.
  • Mobility: Learn which areas should and should NOT be mobilized accompanied with a precise mobility program.

Curious about what the course looks like on the inside?  Here's a sneak peak...

What Ultimate Hip Looks Like on the Inside...

Finding the Right Squat Stance for You:

So Who is This Course For?


The number 1 goal of this program was to teach a regular person how they could troubleshoot their own injury and get back to training.  I simplify the most challenging concepts to help you get out of pain and back to training.  There's no complex medical jargon and it's all practical and easy to implement.

Here's "What You Get" 

  • 12 Week Rehabilitation Program to Get Back to Squats, Olympic Lifts, Deadlifts and Other Lower Body Exercises.
  • Program options specific to weightlifting, powerlifting or general strength training.
  • How to find the best squat stance and technique for your hip health.
  • 24/7 Online Access - Consume the information in the comfort of your home for the lifetime of the product.
  • Downloadable PDFs of all programs.  
  • Complete lower body training programs or accessory programs that can be tacked onto the end of your current program.
  • How to modify the squat and deadlift so you can continue to train in the gym without hurting yourself further.
  • Learn exactly how hips get hurt in the gym and how you can rehabilitate back to your favorite movements and stay pain free for the long haul.

Ultimate Training Program

to Get Out of Hip Pain and Back to Training

I feel very strongly that people should have access to accurate information and guidance for common injuries found in the gym.  Because of this I'm offering this program at a very reasonable price.  

Pick up the program for:


Pumped to See You Get Out of Pain,

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF-L1

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