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Treating Scott Panchik’s Neck

scottPanchik source: twitter.comA few weeks back I had the opportunity to work with games athlete Scott Panchik during the Power Monkey Fitness camp.  Scott is an amazing athlete and great person and I just wanted to share the experience.

Scott came to me with a lot of pain and limitation in range of motion.  As you can see from the video, extension was one of the most limited motions.  This can royally screw up your ability to keep a neutral eye gaze during olympic lifts or head position during jerks.  Of course this is a problem as Scott was in the middle of dominating the Crossfit Team Series (Team Reebok East).  Scott was in a bind because he had the next event in the team series in just 4 days.

He was also at the point where he was severely limited with his exercise selection and wasn’t able to get through any olympic lifting without stopping halfway through the session due to pain.  We focused a lot on regaining ROM in his neck with a lot of manual work.  Through the SFMA we found he was limited with upper cervical mobility so we spent a lot of time there as well as with a large serving of soft tissue work.  We also talked a bit about pain science and the importance of keeping moving and modifying things in a smart way.  Throw in some thoracic and CT grade 5 joint mobs, some deep neck flexor training and scap stability with ROM and voila.  Scott was feeling much better after 3 sessions and went back and killed it in the team series.  Scott wrote me a nice little thank you as well.

During the Power Monkey Camp I strained my neck and had limited range of motion in every direction.  I wasn’t able to workout, and was experiencing major pain.  After working with Daniel Pope for three days my range of motion was almost completely restored. I was no longer in pain and was able to compete in the Crossfit Team Series that same weekend.  Without Dan’s help it may have been weeks before I was back to normal. Thanks again Dan for all the support!

– Scott

Thanks Scott, I think my favorite part was the look on your face when we first measured your cervical ROM.  You were one unhappy camper.

Glad things improved,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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