Kanye West: I Wonder

I’ve been waiting on this my whole life, these dreams be waking me up at night.

A Psychic read my lifeline, told me in my lifetime, my name would help light up the chicago skyline.

You ever wonder what it all really means? You wonder if you’ll ever find your dreams?

You know guys, I really have it easy. I was born with a natural tendency to get excited about things. I get motivated very easily. You can spark a fire underneath of my ass that gets me moving without even realizing that you did it. I understand not everyone has that tendency, I‘m really blessed in that regard.

Picture this. You are outside on a cool and brisk Sunday afternoon. Its raining gently and the leaves are just beginning to turn green for the year. You are gathered around hundreds of others who are humbly bowing their heads toward a man speaking at the front. The man is a priest. You have a hard time hearing what the priest is saying so you brush through the crowd to get closer. Unfortunately, the priest has finished speaking by the time you get close enough to hear him. Looking around at all of the sad faces you begin noticing old friends and distant family members. You can make out two sobbing women standing next to the priest trying to comfort each other. One is older, one younger. As you get closer you capture a glimpse of their faces. You gasp in astonishment, one is your daughter, the other your wife. Standing next to them is your son. You’re a ghost at your own funeral. Your son gathers himself stoically and draws a written speech from his pocket and turns to address the audience.

What does your son have to say about you? What memories have you left behind? Did you lead the life that you imagined you would? What is your legacy?

This story carries with it a lot of power. I’m sure I’m not the one to tell you that life is short, but there’s a reminder.

The main reason I write in my blog is to give everyone a sense of power in their lives. I want to empower people to take their health and happiness into their own hands. I want to share my own dreams and struggles getting there while showing people that it is possible to live the life you desire. I thoroughly believe that you can accomplish any goal you can set for yourself. Its going to take some elbow grease, but it can be done.

The first step toward living you dream is figuring out what you want out of life.

Where do you want to be in twenty years? Lets drop all the fears and barriers that may be holding you back. Where do you really want to be in twenty years? Sailing the world with your wife and kids? Hosting your own TV show? A world class chef? I’ll tell you where I want to be. I want to be a public figure that empowers others towards their goals. I want to enable others to reach their goals in health, fitness and in life in general. I want to show others the feeling of happiness that comes from leading the life that you desire for yourself.

Its an incredibly fulfilling feeling to wake up every morning knowing that today you are taking the steps forward in your life to achieve your dreams. When your actions in life align with your moral beliefs, values and goals something magical happens. You feel awesome, you enjoy life and you get closer and closer to the person that you want to be. I get chills just thinking about this stuff.

So lets drop the excuses. Think of how much you can achieve if you take down all the barriers in your life keeping you from progressing.

I challenge you to make a difference in your life. I dare you to sit down and think for a long moment about what you want to achieve in your lifetime and the legacy you choose to leave. Write it down and make a pact with yourself, I will devote my energy everyday toward this goal.

Find the courage to make it happen. Take that step today. I’m with you.

Stand up for yourself. Take charge of your life. Know that every decision you make in your life is taking you one step closer or further from the life you desire. Every action builds upon the person you want to become and the legacy that you choose to leave behind.

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