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Things I Read and So Should You

This week’s Things I read and So Should You comes from Dave Tilley, Ryan Debell and Michael Mash.

Insider’s Updates

This month’s Insiders webinar is a thorough step by step process of how I assess overhead mobility.  I’ve written a lot in the past about overhead mobility.  It makes up a huge part of my treatment for both treatment, prevention and performance.  This will be part of an in depth 3 part webinar series of how I assess and treat overhead mobility restrictions from A to Z.

  • Understand why overhead mobility is important
  • How limited mobility creates subpar performance and how mobility restrictions can potentially lead to injury
  • Which joints and muscles are involved with overhead mobility restrictions
  • How to individually assess each area

To access this webinar:

Low Back Tightness During Deadlifts

Ryan Debell –

Ryan shares some great tips for modifying the deadlift to help with low back tightness

Renegade Rows for Core Strength and to Balance Rowing

Dave Tilley –

Dave talks about one of his favorite exercises to help balance out rowing in your training program and simultaneously train his core.

How to Squat Without Knee Pain

Michael Mash –

Michael talks some easy tweaks to decrease knee pain while squatting.

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Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1

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