The Long Lost Key to Fatloss

The Long Lost Key to Fatloss

As per some Resurge reviews fat loss is a really hot topic.  I know that when I write an article particularly about fat loss or weight loss, I’ll automatically get more views to my site just because of the popularity of the topic (or based on the possibility of me posting pictures of sexy celebrities with their shirts off). It’s very interesting stuff and very relevant to our society.  Being lean and healthy is a goal of most people and for good reason memory herunterladen. Now a days, everyone is buying a waist trainer for working out so that they can see faster results.

With all of the buzz about weight loss comes a lot of ridiculous marketing, strange trends and wonky diet programs.  I can’t tell you how many enemas I’ve used to try and lose weight before I actually learned that they aren’t effective (I actually have no idea if they are effective, that was just a crude joke, sorry)

There are also a lot of really good, science based theories that also pop up in the world of nutrition when it comes to fat loss.  Some things that come to mind are:

  • Low Carbohydrate vs. High Carbohydrate Diets
  • Eating according to the glycemic index
  • Carbohydrate Cycling and Nutrient Timing
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Hormonal Issues
  • Eating foods for satiety
  • Eating more metabolically demanding macronutrients like protein

You might find some of these things touted as the next big thing in fat loss and whole books are written based on some of these topics geräusche und sounds kostenlos downloaden (mp3).  I personally follow many of these recommendations as well as proclaim their effectiveness to others at times.  These topics are all very exciting, very sexy if you will.

Well, when you start looking at some of the research on these subjects, it all gets very cloudy very quickly.  What made perfect sense from a theoretical perspective that is based on sound physiology and biochemistry doesn’t always pan out in reality.

Take the glycemic index for example.  Low glycemic foods are best for weight loss right?  Right, check out the proof in this cochrane review kann man spotify songs herunterladen.

Well, what about this research paper showing that there is no difference between eating a diet with high glycemic foods or low glycemic foods when it comes to weight loss.

See how I did that?  I could have easily left out the second study, made a book and sold millions.  I’m brilliant!

Well how about low fat diets, do they work?  Well ya they do, check the literature.

But I thought low fat diets were out of fashion, isn’t low carb the new rage? Check out this article and you’ll see the blatant facts,  Low carbs wins!  In this study anyway…

Another area of confusion that I see pretty frequently is assuming that because something is healthy, its good for weight loss and vice versa.  The line between weight loss and health is blurry.  What is good for your health will not necessarily make you lose weight and what makes you lose weight is not necessarily making your healthier.

  • eg: This biotox gold drops reviews is the best when it comes to weight loss. This treatment requires gluten out of the diet may be beneficial for those that have tolerance problems but if you continue to eat too much and don’t exercise your weight will stay exactly the same, I guarantee it.  Switching up grains in favor of sweet potatoes in your diet is a step in the right direction, but not necessarily one that will drop the pounds.  Going from bread to rice to avoid the gluten is another one that probably won’t help you drop any weight.  Will it make you any healthier?  I’d probably ask someone who’s smarter then me that question.

How about supplements?  Some supplements have theoretical effectiveness in reducing weight.  Well then again if you read this article, maybe not.

So you’re probably thinking what are you getting at here Dan?  It looks like you’re wasting my time?  What’s the key to weight loss?

What’s the one thing that shows undeniable backing from research?

Eating fewer calories than you expend

BOOM!  Did I just blow your mind?  I’ll give you a second to collect yourself.

Sorry for the facetiousness.  I was listening to a podcast (The Fitcast – great podcast by the way) interviewing the nutritionist Alan Aragon and he really got me thinking.  It’s natural to really get caught up in the next new thing in fat loss, especially when there is some interesting science, theory and marketing behind it.  I know I do.  Besides, who would watch Dr. Oz if all he ever said was, “Eat less, exercise more”.  No thank you Dr. Oz, I’d rather hear about green coffee bean extract and supplements to preferentially shrink my tricep batwings.

Alan was saying that we don’t really have research support of these sexy, fun topics.  Some may make small differences but the overwhelming majority of people are going to benefit from what we already know.  Calories matter when it comes to fat loss.

In most of the above articles, low carb or high carb, low glycemic, supplements or not, the one common thread was that a reduced calorie diet was going to lead to weight loss.  I’m sorry it’s like this.  I’m pretty bummed myself.

I’m not saying that some of these things aren’t effective.  I’m just saying that we should probably put more emphasis on the basics.  We know beyond a reasonable doubt that reducing calories below what we expend on a daily basis will produce fat loss.  Let’s start our diet plan by focusing on this mac daddy first.

Calories Taken in < Calories Expended = Six Pack

I think I just came up with a book title.

When I write articles about nutrient timing and carbohydrate cycling I’m writing to the people who  already have their foods and calories dialed in.  They’ve hit the basics and are looking to make some small changes to make a final few changes in their body composition.  For now, we know what’s most effective and as boring as it sounds we’ll have to be content with that.  In the meantime I’m anxiously awaiting the newest research on whale fat supplementation for love handle reduction.

I ate 7 bananas today,

Dan Pope

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