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The Best Drills and Progressions for Handstands and Handstand Walking

DuranteOne of the challenges of coaching a complex movement in a group setting is that generally most people in the room end up being at a different level of competency when it comes to these movements herunterladen.  As a coach it can be very challenging to get everyone from A to Z safely.  Having an arsenal of progressions is vital for progressing everyone effectively

Some time back I made a video with physical therapist and gymnastics coach Dave Tilley about progressions for the ring muscle-up wie kann ich gif herunterladen.  With the popularity of this past muscle-up video, we’ve decided to put together a video for the handstand.  The video contains several of the progressions I learned recently from Dave Durante at the Power Monkey Crossfit Camp how to download music on android.  Enjoy.

Dave Tilley’s website:

Dave Durante’s Website:

Jeans with no shirt is how I prefer to handstand,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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