The 5 Worst Crossfit and Strongman Exercises

The 5 Worst Crossfit and Strongman Exercises That Cause the Most Injury – Fitness Pain Free Podcast #26

Dan Car LiftJoin Rob and Dan as we get away from some of the sciency stuff and we start bashing on some exercises antivirus mcafee free download chip.  Time to hate!  Things we discuss:

  • [1:05] Rob’s latest injury
  • [3:10] Why Dr. Sean Rockett is the man
  • [5:25] Introducing today’s topic
  • [7:37] Shrugs are bad kingbill herunterladen?
  • [10:04] Sumo deadlift high pulls, the shoulder enemy
  • [12:38] Tire flips, good for the biceps?
  • [16:40] High rep rebounding box jumps do not build diamond calves
  • [23:14] What about box jumps for height herunterladen?
  • [25:18] Running? Please say it ain’t so Rob
  • [32:05] Kipping pullups, the bane of crossfit existence ds video?
  • [35:00] Wide stance squats and hip pain
  • [37:03] GHD sit-up, what the hell is that?
  • [39:58] Are toes to bar any good?
  • [41:55] Weighted lumbar rotation, good idea google play store app downloaden android?
  • [42:35] Which exercises cause the most injury?
  • [42:53] Pleasure and pain, snatching
  • [46:53] So you’re telling my bench press can kill me herunterladen?
  • [50:23] Overhead pressing and shoulder pain
  • [52:31] Muscle-ups hurt sometimes
  • [56:30] Squats and deadlifts? Are Dan and Rob switching to yoga spiele die man herunterladen kann?

Don’t make your squat soup too spicy,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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