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Stuff I read, and You Should Too

10 Things Elite Coaches Do

I’ve been doing the Online Precision Nutrition Certification and have been loving it so far herunterladen.  Here’s a gem of an article.  As therapists we don’t always know how to coach our patients and as coaches we could always be better!

Muscle-up Supplemental Exercises

My boy Rupert Egan made an excellent video on some supplemental muscle-up exercises why does not download.  He’s a phenomenal gymnast and it’s a must watch if you coach athletes on muscle-ups.

Minimizing Injury Risk From Running – Considerations for the Larger Athlete

Alex Viada is a cyborg of a human being wedding newspaper cover for free.  He’s ran a 4:15 mile and squatted/deadlifted over 700lbs at a bodyweight over 220lbs.  Here is a great article on running to decrease injury risk in the larger running athlete.

Get Your Learn On,

Daniel Pope DPT, CSCS

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