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Stuff I Read and You Should Too

6 Things You Do That Your Clients Hate

This article from physical therapist Mike Reinold is pretty self explanatory netflix filmeen dauer.  I think that sometimes as therapists we get so caught up in being the most intelligent and evidence based therapists that sometimes we forget that we work with human beings ps4 account herunterladen.  Here are some no-brainers that we’re all guilty of at times.

The Power of Placebo

I’m a big fan of pain science herunterladen.  I feel it should be a mandatory continuing education experience for any clinician, especially if they were not exposed to it during their formal schooling pdf mac.  Therapist Chris Fox explains how a biopsychosocial approach to therapy should be employed.

Neural Flossing for the Strength and Conditioning Professional

I actually see a decent amount of numbness / tingling and pain that is associated with neural tension with my patients.  It usually pops up during handstands, overhead squats, front rack positions and higher repetition pull-ups.  In each of these positions flexibility of these nerves is tested and if you’re limited in any said nerves, you can end up with some funky symptoms.  Physical Therapist Chris Leib goes over a really neat dynamic warm-up which includes glides to help keep you healthy during your training.

Get Your Learn On,

Daniel Pope DPT, CSCS

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