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Stuff I Read and You Should Too

Lifting Drills From the Ground

Great article from athlete and physical therapist Reena Tenorio crysis 3 kostenlosen vollversion.  She shows some nice accessory lifts to help improve the snatch and clean and jerk.  I saw a couple I’ve never tried before.  Good stuff.

Quadruped Rocking Mobility Matrix

Really cool quadruped hip mobility sequence windows 10 is easy to download.  Hip mobility can get a tad boring at times.  Here are some cool drills from personal trainer Dean Somerset html editor kostenlos herunterladen.

Advanced ACL Rehabilitation

I really enjoy rehabilitating ACL injuries.  I feel that sometimes physical therapists lack the knowledge and clinical application of late stage rehabilitation for these athletes.  Physiotherapist Enda King goes over this process thoroughly.  I really enjoyed this podcast.


Daniel Pope DPT, CSCS

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