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Some cool vids of some monsters training!

This past saturday I trained up in North Jersey with some old friends. Needless to say they have all gotten inordinantly strong.
This is Christina Lafex trotting with 275lbs per hand like she is late to work.
Chris Weaver with forearms that make elephants jealous. 435lbs/hand
And Big Sexy Brett Somerville moving with 445lbs per hand
And lonely Dan Pope with a 355lbs/hand farmer’s walk

I have better quality videos up on my youtube page

It was awesome training with everyone. I’m such a little guy compared to all these monsters!

In other news I finished 2 exams today. Only 7 left next week and I’m a year into Physical therapy school!

4/25/2011 – deload week (feels good after this past saturday)

Dynamic Warmup

Flat DB Press SS w/MB soccer throws and Band Fallouts
100lbs x 21, 11, 11 – new best. Felt pretty tired.

Cable face Pulls + Db Curls – getting my “bro” on.

Oh ya, last week I forgot to post a workout, I got 455 x 8 dead stop deadlifts

olive oil
grissly grass fed chuck roast

Salad w/veggies
olive oil dressing

Apple Pie Lara Ball

6:00 – 20g BCAA and water

7:30 – fruit smoothie – oranges, grapefruit, bananas, strawberries

Venison Roast
Mashed Sweet Potato w/butter(grass fed)
Salad w/vegetables.

I’m beat!

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