Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready, Fire, Aim – Take Life by the Balls

“You Only Live Once”

For the most part, people tend to live their lives guided by fear.  Their decisions and actions are based on what they think is acceptable to the rest of society, not necessarily what they want themselves video downloader downloaden.

For every idea someone may have about improving their lives automatically comes 5 reasons why they’ll never be able to reach those goals.  The amount of excuses that come pouring from people’s mouths is incredible.    Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton said it best:

“We are each our own greatest inhibitors”

What Laird is saying is that we are inhibiting ourselves from making progress because we don’t believe in our abilities.  This couldn’t be more true.  When it comes to making progress we are our own worst enemies.  We have so much self doubt about our abilities that we never end up accomplishing what we want with our lives.  Is this the life you’re trying to lead herunterladen?

It may sound strange (and it is) but one of the most common excuses I hear why people don’t want to join a gym, take an exercise class or do a recreational activity is because “they need to get in shape first.”  I thought you take the class to get in shape neuen tonie herunterladen? not the other way around.   The excuses are ridiculous, if only some people would listen to how ridiculous they sound.

Imagine if you took off the brakes.  What if there were no excuses for what you wanted to achieve.  What if instead of making 10 excuses for every dream you had, you came up with 10 ways to make it happen and you started working on it downloaden aus mediatheken.

I’ve got a favorite saying.  I don’t know where I learned it from but it goes like this:

Ready, Fire, Aim

I love this saying.  The saying means to go ahead and try something before thinking about it.  Once you stumble through it you’ll have learned a valuable lesson.  You’ll have learned how to aim.  The problem with ready, aim, fire is that people don’t get to the fire part.  By the time they’ve gotten through aim they’ve talked themselves out of it tables.

Its the difference between:

  1. Spending hours learning about the best way to exercise and then never moving a finger.
  2. Forcing yourself to go to the gym and try to figure out how dumbbells work yu gi oh.

Prepare to make some mistakes, that’s how you learn.  Mistakes are good!  Fail forward and learn from those mistakes.  The faster you make mistakes the faster you’ll learn and be on track toward achieving your goals eclipse java.  It ain’t always going to be pretty, but that’s no reason not to try.  Learning and experiencing something is very gratifying.  Besides, anything in life worth doing is worth doing poorly at first.   Put yourself in these uncomfortable positions, grow.  Achieve your goals downloaden.

Want to get into great shape?  Do it.

Want to open a gym? Do it.

Need to go back to school?  Do it.

Want to be a champion?  Do it amazon music listening games.

Bad relationship?  End it.

Start moving toward what you want in your life.  That’s my challenge to you rstab student version.

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