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One of the Best Overhead Mobility Exercises You’ve Never Thought of

So ya, I’ve been a little bit into the lats recently.  Some would say I’ve gone a little bit crazy with the lats.  Fair enough.  I can’t argue with you there onedrive photos on pc.  If you missed it, I just wrote an article on how tight lats might be causing shoulder pain during kipping movements herunterladen.

However, I want to share with you one of my favorite exercises to promote overhead mobility, specifically with regards to tight lats verträge herunterladen.  It’s the supinated, close grip pull-up performed in a hollow position.  Check out the description below in the video for why it’s so good herunterladen.

One of the best lat mobility exercises you've never thought of: The close grip, supinated chin-up in a hollow position office 2016 mac herunterladen. Eccentric (lowering phase of a lift – muscles lengthening under tension) exercises have been shown to increase length in muscles. I've taken this concept and applied it to the Lats given I've been on a lat kick lately musik herunterladen kostenlos iphone. Several points here: 1) The underhand close grip forces the lat into a deeper stretch at the bottom of the chin-up. The Lats extend and internally rotate the shoulder and we're making them do the opposite 2) Hollow position – The hollow position carries over to gymnastics movements but also flexes the spine some creating a bigger stretch at the bottom of the pull-up 3) Slow eccentric and full range at bottom – The eccentric portion of this exercise is where the money is made given that eccentric exercises help create more range of motion in a muscle hörbücher kostenlos und legal downloaden. I like to exhale at the bottom of the lift and push myself towards the floor to maximally stretch the Lats. **Closing thoughts: I've always liked eccentrics because they simultaneously build length but also strength and control especially at the end of your range of motion vavoo herunterladen amazon stick. I'd put this into your program a few times per week for 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps. If you know someone who could benefit from this then please share vtech kidizoom kid 2 bilder herunterladen! @powermonkeyfitness @shift_movementscience @davedurante @rupert.egan @vanvleetd @bimflip @drmelzar @colinpgeraghty @jasonleydon #pullups #mobility #lats

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Will this be the last lat article?

Daniel Pope DPT, CSCS

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