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New September / October Coaching Program!

Without-goals-and-plans-to-reach-themIf you read this website regularly you’ll know that I provide a subscription service with a done for you training program for yourself or your gym.  I’m a huge fan of programming and feel it is a huge piece of the puzzle when it comes to injury prevention and training success.  Having the right plan is pivotal to success and a requirement for reaching your desired goals.

The next 5 weeks of programming is now available!  The Fitness Pain Free Coaching program contains:

  • 5-days per week done for you program for yourself or for your gym with a specific mobility routine for your off days
  • Progressive daily strength, gymnastics, WOD and met-con that fits into a 1 hour block (More if doing the competitive track)
  • Learn how to easily screen and assess yourself and your athletes and how to correct these faults
  • Warm-ups with mobility specific to the day’s lifting, gymnastics and met-con
  • Olympic weightlifting and strength program
  • Gymnastics skills work
  • Fun and varied daily met-con (With group workouts if you own a gym or have some training partners
  • A track for competitors as well as average Joe’s and Jane’s.
  • Joint health mobility and injury prevention exercises

To learn more about the Fitness Pain Free Coaching Program click HERE:

I’ve taken your feedback from the past month to tweak things and improve upon the system.  Focus for this month:

  • Group workouts – I’ve added in some partner WODs for those that have a training partner or are using this for their gym.  No Partner?  No Problem there are still options for you.
  • More emphasis on strength – There is still an in depth olympic lifting program we’re going through this month.
  • More tempo work – We’re focusing on technique, skill and building base strength right now.
  • More gymnastics options – I love gymnastics work and I’ve got plenty of options for you or your gym from advanced competitor to average Joe/Jane
  • More specific mobility and joint health exercises.
  • More screening and correction (More overhead mobility this month)

To subscribe to the monthly coaching service Click HERE:

To learn more about the Fitness Pain Free Coaching Program click HERE:

Pretty pumped about this month’s training,

Dan Pope DPT, CSCS

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