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Movement Essentials is Finally Here!!!

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new product:

“Monkey Method – Movement Essentials”
The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Fixing Technical Flaws in the Handstand, Muscle-up and Olympic Lifts

I write regularly about the importance of screening and assessing yourself and your athletes.  Dr. Dave Tilley and myself have teamed up with the phenomenal coaches at power monkey fitness (Dave Durante, Chad Vaughn and Mike Cerbus to name a few…) to provide an in depth system to assess and correct basic movement flaws.

Have an issue in your squat?  Difficulty getting into a deep dip?  Can’t seem to get your arms fully overhead to snatch properly?

We’ll teach you how to figure out where the true problem lies and the exact tools to fix the problem.  Here is Movement Essentials in a nutshell

  • 150+ videos on screening, assessing and correcting common movements faults
  • 90+ Pages of text in PDF format
  • Bonus sections on shoulder health and programming with tips on implementation in a group class setting
  • 100+ references for the material

The product has been in production for over a year and it is a cultivation of all of our expertise.

For the first week we’re providing a special discount for the rate of $99.  After the first week the price will increase to $149.


You’re going to enjoy this one,Dan Pope, PT, DPT, CSCS

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