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Dynamic Warm-ups in the Physical Therapy Setting

Hey Sally, how are you doing today?  How about you spend 15 minutes warming up on the bike / elliptical / treadmill / arm bike and I’ll be right with you. How many times do you hear this at a traditional

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Warming up and Perfecting the Clean and Jerk

Some time ago I made a video which showed my favorite videos for warming up and practicing the snatch.  This week I’ve compiled a video of my favorite warm-up and technical drills for the Clean

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My Favorite Mobility and Warm-up Exercises for the Entire Body

When I was at the power monkey camp in Tennessee I put the athletes through a warm-up that everyone really enjoyed and several people asked if I had in a video format.  Over this past weekend I got in

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The Perfect Warm-up for the Snatch

The snatch is easily one of the most challenging exercises I can think of.  It’s certainly one of my weakest exercises and over time I’ve learned to really appreciate the lift.  I’ve

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How to Properly Warmup for the Kipping Pullup

Since I’m on a tremendous kipping pullup spree lately I figured I’d just keep it going.  Over the years I’ve compiled several corrective exercises (Some mobility drills, some stability

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Super Bretzel: If I could only pick one stretch, this would be it

Here’s one of my favorite stretches.  I really like this stretch because it hits a lot of things at once and it focuses on areas that usually need it.  I basically combined a stretch created by

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The Burgener Olympic Lifting Warm-up for Shoulder Health

I really like Coach Burgener. If you haven’t heard of Coach Mike Burgener, he’s the Senior International Weightlifting Coach for the U.S.  Somewhere along the way he got involved with the

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Stretches and Mobility Drills to Prepare for the Snatch and Overhead Squat: Video Demonstrations

As we all know, the first time trying an overhead squat can be quite the experience.  It feels super awkward, its hard to put all of the pieces together and often times your body just does not feel like

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How to: Ultimate Upper Body Warm-Up – The How’s and Why’s Explained

If you read my training journal at all you know I throw around the words “prehab”, “static stretching” and “dynamic warmup” quite frequently.   A lot of people have

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To Stretch or Not to Stretch: Evidence Based and Practical Solutions

We’ve all heard this argument, should we stretch or not before training? I’ve heard all the rumors: I heard that you need to stretch before training so you don’t get injured. I’ve

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