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Dan Pope Training May 2013

Training for May of 2013: Make sure you check out the back and front flips mixed in there,

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4 Easy Progressions of the Short Foot to Provide Knee and Foot Pain Relief

Hey man, keep your foot short!  Fix your foot.  Arch up! Not the most common cues you hear in the gym. My super good buddy and co-host of the fitness pain free podcast Rob Rowland asked me one time,

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How Not to Destroy Your Lower Back While Squatting: Avoiding The Dreaded Butt Tuck Position

Updated November 2017: Pretty much everyone calls “butt” tuck”  butt wink now. To start, I wanted to say that I plugged the words “butt tuck” into google to get some good

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The 6 Best Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises

Hey!  Do you want a bigger front  and overhead squat?  How about pressing more weight overhead?  How about healthier shoulders with the ability to press things without hurting?  Maybe you just want

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Backflips, Coffee Overdose, Hurricanes Suck – Dan’s training week of 10/29/2012

10/29/2012 – Hurricane Sandy training. Foam Roll/Static Stretch/Dynamic Warm-up w/PVC 1) Barbell Clean and Jerk – Max Doubles 95, 135, 185, 205, 225, 245, 255, 260

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Super Bretzel: If I could only pick one stretch, this would be it

Here’s one of my favorite stretches.  I really like this stretch because it hits a lot of things at once and it focuses on areas that usually need it.  I basically combined a stretch created by

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1 and 1/2 squats: Improve Your Squat By Working Your Weakness

If you’re like me you have a tough time getting deep in your squats and then coming back out of the hole with some power.  Here’s a great exercise to work on to help with that.  They’re

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Ankle Mobility: A Small Twist to Make An Already Effective Exercise Better

Alright so we’ve all heard of the benefits of improving ankle mobility: Deeper, improved position in squats and pistols Improved tracking of the patella and knee position during movement Better

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The End of My Training Honeymoon: Dan’s Training 9/8-9/14

We need 6 remotes to operate the TV at the Pope House Heyooo!  Today marks a joyous and grievous (I checked online to make sure that was actually a word, it is, and its also a starwars character to boot,

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End of April Training – Snatches and Mustache Rides

Training is going very well lately.  I’m very excited to be hitting new bests on a daily basis.  I just need to make sure nothing breaks down and keep up with my training/eating/recovery.

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A week filled with farm animals, loud music, bro activities and cold barbells

This one’s for you Greg Training this week was excellent and is definitely going in the direction. More big things to come. Better BELIEVE it baby! It was a deload week (no deadlifts or bench press)

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Training for the week Team Llama Bash

What’s that dude in the background doing? Lately I’ve added in a few extra days per week working on skill work for crossfit including things like running, double unders, pushups, handstands,

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