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Why Your Hard Met-cons Are Too Easy and Your Easy Met-cons are Too Hard – Introducing Polarized Training

First of all, I stole this title right from a Triathlon Magazine and wanted to give credit where it was due. The title was too perfect not to use.  Second of all I think this idea I’m about to write

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Easy Ways to Prevent and Treat Elbow Issues

I see a decent amount of elbow pain in the clinic.  I see quite a bit of medial (inside) elbow pain mostly from a lot of false grip and rope climb work.  This area tends to flair-up with a lot of gripping

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How to Increase Your Risk of Injury by 7000%

We all know the importance of having adequate mobility in order to perform snatches, clean and jerks, handstands and muscle-ups.  We also know just how important technique is to performance and injury

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Shoulder Pain, Shoulder Blades, Kipping and Powerful Monkeys – Podcast on The Movement Fix with Ryan Debell

Recently my good friend Ryan Debell over at TheMovementFix.com interviewed me for his podcast.  Ryan and I have been friends and have worked together several times in the past and I was really excited

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Movement Essentials is Finally Here!!!

I am extremely excited to announce the launch of my new product: “Monkey Method – Movement Essentials” The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Fixing Technical Flaws in the Handstand,

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Lift Heavier Weight with a Stronger Pelvic Floor

This week’s article comes from Sarah Duvall.  She’s a physical therapist with a keen interest in treating the pelvic floor.  This is a great topic that isn’t often discussed, enjoy! Pelvic

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My Fitness Goals for 2016

I’ve got a bunch of new goals for the year of 2016 so I thought I’d get them out here to keep myself accountable.  I’ve been on a gymnastics kick lately, so my goals revolve around

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Are Deep Loaded Squats Bad for the Lower Back? A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 8

Last week we spoke about some ways to make deep squats safer for the knees.  This week we talk spinal health.  So, does long term exposure to heavy loads in the squat increase the likelihood of low back

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A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 4 – Hip Mobility and Squat Depth

Our favorite joint to talk about during the squat is surely the hips.  They’re a huge player in a successful squat and a big area that requires addressing when our squats look sub-par.  In order

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A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 2 – Why Does Compensation Occur?

Last week we spoke about common compensations we see in the squats.  Again, some common compensations seen are: Increased Toe Out Increased Stance Width Decreased Depth Lumbar Spine Flexion Increased

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Surprisingly Fast Way to Fix Elbow Pain

Today’s guest post comes from grip specialist Jedd Johnson.  I went to a seminar with Jedd back in 2006 and when he asked me if he could write an article for my site I was really pumped.  Doing

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Interview with Yours Truly, Dr. Dan Pope with Dr. Dave Tilley

My good friend and excellent therapist / gymnastics coach / extraordinaire Dr. Dave Tilley recently sat down with me to do an interview.  We talked my background, blending physical therapy and fitness,

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