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Peak Shoulder Performance is Finally Available!

Dave Tilley and I are excited to finally announce the launch of our newest digital product, Peak Shoulder Performance!!! Dave and I have spent the past several years learning how to best treat and prevent

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4 Step Checklist for Battle Ready Shoulders

Dr. Dave Tilley and I have worked with a boatload of olympic lifters, powerlifters, gymnasts, bodybuilders and fitness athletes with painful shoulders.  It’s probably the most common injury we see.

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Understanding The Shoulder Pain Epidemic in CrossFit Athletes (Part 4: Programming and Periodization)

So in the last article in our series we spoke on the importance of total volume with particular focus on spikes in training in avoiding injury.  Hopefully this already sparked some ideas on how to start

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 2

In last week’s post we spoke about the 1st 4 reasons why people’s shoulders get hurt in the gym. Poor rotator cuff strength Too much total pressing volume Not enough balance with pressing

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Pelvic Structure, Persistent Quad Atrophy, and Stretching with Shoulder Impingement

On this episode of the #AskMikeReinold show we talk about the impact of unique pelvic structure, how to deal with persistent quad atrophy, and stretching people with shoulder impingement. To view more

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How to Modify Squats for Painful Knees and Lower Backs

In the last video Dr. Ryan Debell and myself talked about modifying deadlift variations to decrease stress on the spine.  In this video Dr. Ryan Debell and myself go over the same simple concept in the

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The Coaches Guide to Modifying Workouts for Athletes in Pain

Angelo Sisco is the owner of several Crossfit gyms in Chicago.  Every year he invites Dr. Ryan Debell and myself to speak for his gyms.  It’s an educational summit for his coaches.  This past

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How to Modify Kipping Pull-ups for Painful Shoulders

Having a solid appreciation of why injuries occur is paramount when trying to rehabilitate athletes back to their sports and to keep them safe.  For example in pitchers we know that the extreme external

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Introducing the Insiders Online Mentoring Program

Here’s the Problem The idea of “bridging the gap” between therapy and performance is increasingly more popular.  Therapists are treating more people in the fitness population and starting

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How to Rehab Your Athletes Back to Kipping Pullups – Part 1

A lot of my athletes are coming back from shoulder injuries where they couldn’t kip previously.  This could be after a major surgery like rotator cuff repair or a bad impingement syndrome / tendinopathy

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How to Hang on a Bar Without Hurting Your Shoulders

Most people have a very aggressive introduction to hanging and kipping movements.  It usually goes a little bit like this: Hop right up and grab the bar.  Didn’t fall off?  Great let’s try

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2 Easy Ways to Get More From Your Foam Rolling

I like to use foam rolling a lot to help gain new range of motion for my clients.  It’s fast and easy to do.  It’s also a great option for people who have pain with stretching or at their

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