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3 Unique Exercises to Promote Front Rack Proficiency

Getting into a front rack is easy for some and seemingly impossible for others.  If you ever want to be able to perform front squats, push press, thrusters and barbell jerk variations you better get pretty

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Self Kettlebell Thoracic Spine Mobilization with Ryan DeBell

I recently had the opportunity to speak at Ohare Crossfit for Angelo Sisco and his wonderful employees on the topics of mobility and programming for safety and performance.   Dr. Ryan Debell from

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3 Simple and Effective Kettlebell Thoracic Spine Mobility and Scapular Stability Exercises

Shoulder health is a favorite topic of mine.  Having adequate thoracic spine mobility is an important variable for healthy shoulders.  Also important is being able to properly control the shoulder blade

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5 Minute Overhead Mobility

One of the biggest things I focus on clinically in the crossfit athlete (and any other individual that requires full overhead range of motion) is overhead mobility.  I regularly get patients that complain

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The Best Exercises For Crossfit Shoulder Health

As we all know, shoulder health is paramount in crossfit.  From personal experience I’ve found that shoulders tend to be one of the most commonly injured and painful joints in crossfit.  I believe

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The Best Mobility and Stability Exercises to Improve the Front Rack: Part 1 – Addressing the Thoracic Spine

One of my recent patients came in after a cervical fusion surgery looking to get back into crossfit.  We addressed the neck issues and started reintroducing crossfit exercises back into his program.  One

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The Correct Way to Mobilize Your Thoracic Spine with a Foam Roller

I wanted to go over something that seems fairly simple but is also done incorrectly frequently.  This is foam rolling your thoracic spine. The point of rolling your thoracic spine is usually to get a

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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 25 – The Joint by Joint Approach for the Upper Body

Join Rob and I as we continue on in our quest to educate the masses on performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.  Today we go deep into the joint by joint approach for the upper body: For last

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The 6 Best Thoracic Spine Mobility Exercises

Hey!  Do you want a bigger front  and overhead squat?  How about pressing more weight overhead?  How about healthier shoulders with the ability to press things without hurting?  Maybe you just want

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