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Stretches and Mobility Drills to Prepare for the Snatch and Overhead Squat: Video Demonstrations

As we all know, the first time trying an overhead squat can be quite the experience.  It feels super awkward, its hard to put all of the pieces together and often times your body just does not feel like

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2 Moves Everyone Needs to Master – Easy Tips for Coaching the Squat and Deadlift

I think the squat and deadlift are two of the most important exercises to learn, but for me they can also be the most frustrating to teach. Here are a couple techniques I use to ingrain good technique

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How to: Ultimate Upper Body Warm-Up – The How’s and Why’s Explained

If you read my training journal at all you know I throw around the words “prehab”, “static stretching” and “dynamic warmup” quite frequently.   A lot of people have

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Knee Pain: What you Need to Know about the Hip to Prevent Knee Injury – Part 3

Understanding the hip’s role in knee biomechanics is incredibly important.  It’s a huge part of injury prevention of the knee.  Now that we know why this is important we’ll talk about

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5 Unique Ways To Save Your Shoulders when Bench Pressing

By: Rob Rowland DPT To piggyback off of Dan’s post on building a bigger bench press, I wanted to share a few points on how to bench while decreasing risk of injury. Now it is hard to find good, quality

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Bicep Tendon Tears: Bicep Tear Injury Prevention for Strongman Part 1

Tearing a bicep is a very common injury seen in Strongman.   It can really take a long time to rehab and for some can end their competitive career.  There are a few ways to reduce your risk of injury

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Two Excellent Postural Exercises You May Already be Doing

When I think of a rehabilitation exercise I usually think of light dumbbells, thera-bands and stability balls.  Don’t get me wrong, I love rehab and it plays an incredibly important role when people

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6 Steps to a Bigger, Safer Bench Press

Using this new technique will feel a bit awkward at first but I promise in the long run this will pay off, both adding more weight to your bench and keeping your shoulders healthier.

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