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Push Press 101: Why Does Push Press Hurt My Lower Back? Part 2

If you missed it, in Part 1 we talked all about why your lower back might hurt from doing overhead press. So how do we fix it? 1) Check to see if you’ve got adequate thoracic spine and shoulder

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Push Press 101: Why is Overhead Pressing Hurting My Lower Back? Part 1

If you guys have been following this site for any length of time you know that I’m a huge fan of cleaning up your technique on all of your lifts.  It will do just about everything from making you

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Why Does My Squat Technique Fall Apart When the Weight Gets Heavy?

Hey let’s face it, when the weights get heavy, the form gets sloppy.  We try our best to avoid it, but why does this happen? I feel that most people know that mobility can limit our technique, especially

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12 Idiot Proof Principles to Crossfit Performance and Injury Prevention: Part 1

The largest criticism I hear about crossfit is about how dangerous it is and how many people get hurt doing it, blah, blah, blah.  Maybe we should all just hide in a closet and pray for muscles and

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How Not to Destroy Your Lower Back While Squatting: Avoiding The Dreaded Butt Tuck Position

Updated November 2017: Pretty much everyone calls “butt” tuck”  butt wink now. To start, I wanted to say that I plugged the words “butt tuck” into google to get some good

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Why Your Deadlift Technique Sucks – Using the Joint By Joint Approach – Part 4

We’ve all seen it.  It starts as a friendly attempt at picking up a heavy weight.  It ends in terror, back pain and vertebral discs being shot all over the room.  You know what I’m talking

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Why Your Overhead Press Sucks: Joint By Joint Approach for Crossfit – Part 3

One time at a christmas party I tried pressing a fire hydrant over my head and failed miserably several times.  Had I known then what I know now I might have succeeded (Or not, I doubt the christmas drinks

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1 and 1/2 squats: Improve Your Squat By Working Your Weakness

If you’re like me you have a tough time getting deep in your squats and then coming back out of the hole with some power.  Here’s a great exercise to work on to help with that.  They’re

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A Case for Better Technique

As gym rats we can get lost in getting a certain amount of sets or reps accomplished at x or y weight.  We want to follow a given program for best results.  What we can lose in that process is working

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The Burgener Olympic Lifting Warm-up for Shoulder Health

I really like Coach Burgener. If you haven’t heard of Coach Mike Burgener, he’s the Senior International Weightlifting Coach for the U.S.  Somewhere along the way he got involved with the

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Shoulder Packing: What is it? How do we do it? How can we use it to make crossfit safer.

The Famous Coach Dan John Packing some Shoulders If you’ve been hanging around or listening to some of the top level strength coaches speak, you’ve probably heard the term

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