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Easy Circuit to Strengthen Overhead Mobility

This week’s post adds onto the post earlier in the week.  In the prior article we spoke about the importance of accurately determining where your mobility limitations lie, choosing the correct mobilizations

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3 Simple and Effective Kettlebell Thoracic Spine Mobility and Scapular Stability Exercises

Shoulder health is a favorite topic of mine.  Having adequate thoracic spine mobility is an important variable for healthy shoulders.  Also important is being able to properly control the shoulder blade

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5 Interesting Scapular Exercises to Help Improve Kipping Pull-ups

I spoke recently at power monkey camp with therapist Dave Tilley in Crossville Tennessee.  He was a big advocate of creating a spectrum of exercises in order to improve someone’s movement.  In

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The Perfect Warm-up for the Snatch

The snatch is easily one of the most challenging exercises I can think of.  It’s certainly one of my weakest exercises and over time I’ve learned to really appreciate the lift.  I’ve

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Why Does My Snatch Suck? Fixing the Set-Up and First Pull: Part 4

I’m a big believer in the concept of troubleshooting mobility and flexibility issues before tackling stability and technique issues.  The last three articles specifically addressed mobility.  You’re

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Fitness Pain Free Podcast #23: Stability vs Mobility with Dr. Brian Strump

With the advent of the excellent resources “Becoming a Supple Leopard” and, mobility has become increasingly popular. It’s become so popular that some people believe it

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