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How a Lack of Strength Causes Compensation During Squats and Olympic Lifts

I’ve written a lot in the past about mobility issues and how a lack of mobility can cause compensations at another joint.  A good example is a lack of ankle dorsiflexion causing some increased lumbar

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Another Reason Why the Knees Come in During Heavy Squats

In the last article we spoke about the first reason why I believe the knees come in during heavy squats.  I believe this is because the prime movers in the bottom of the squat (adductor magnus) is trying

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Why Do the Knees Come in During Heavy Squat Attempts?

So we’ve all heard that the knees coming in during squatting isn’t really a good thing.  Knee in during squats can increase stress on the lateral (outside) portion of the patellar femoral

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Chad Vaughn, Mike Cerbus, Dave Tilley and Dan Pope Talk Squatting

I have the great opportunity to work with world class coaches regularly at power monkey fitness.  At this past power monkey fitness camp we had a nice candid conversation about squatting.  Myself and

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How to Modify the Squat to Eliminate Painful Pinching Hips

So we’re 4 videos into our modification series: How to Modify Deadlifts for Lower Back Pain How to Modify Pull-ups for Painful Shoulders How to Modify Squats for Painful Knees and Lower Backs In

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How to Modify Squats for Painful Knees and Lower Backs

In the last video Dr. Ryan Debell and myself talked about modifying deadlift variations to decrease stress on the spine.  In this video Dr. Ryan Debell and myself go over the same simple concept in the

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5 Reasons Your Elbows Drop During Heavy Cleans and Front Squats

We’ve all seen it before.  With front squats your body stays nice and upright during warm-up sets.  As the weights get heavy you notice your athletes start dumping the weight forward when they

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A Stupid Simple Exercise to Improve Your Pistol

I’m a big fan of working pistols as a skill.  Most people don’t have the mobility, strength or exposure to perform pistols well, especially as a new trainee.  One drill I’ve been using

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3 Great Squat Mobility Drills

  Having mastery over the squat is something we talk about a great deal on this site.  Lately, Dr. Dave Tilley over at www.shiftmovementscience.com and myself have been collaborating on ways to

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An Overlooked Reason for Excessive Toe Out in the Deep Squat

So, why do athletes end up toeing out (point their toes out) excessively in the bottom of the squat?  The major answers are usually poor ankle mobility (dorsiflexion) and poor hip flexion range of motion.

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Are Deep Loaded Squats Bad for the Lower Back? A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 8

Last week we spoke about some ways to make deep squats safer for the knees.  This week we talk spinal health.  So, does long term exposure to heavy loads in the squat increase the likelihood of low back

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7 Ways to Make Deep Loaded Squats Safer for Your Knees – A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 7

Last week we had a nice little discussion about the stresses on the knee during the deep loaded squat.  At least in the research for high level olympic lifters, deep squats appear not to be as dangerous

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