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My Favorite Exercise to Build Strong Shoulders for Butterfly Pull-ups

Butterfly pull-ups get a bad rap.  Like any other exercise they are a skill and the body needs to be prepared to perform them correctly and handle the stress of the exercise.  Here is a favorite exercise

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Are Kipping Pull-ups Really That Dangerous? Part 1 – Assessing and Building the Basic Kipping Positions

As you all know I have a great love for speaking and writing about kipping pullups and all things kipping.  I work for a gymnastics continuing education company (powermonkeyfitness), coach adult gymnastics

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5 Interesting Scapular Exercises to Help Improve Kipping Pull-ups

I spoke recently at power monkey camp with therapist Dave Tilley in Crossville Tennessee.  He was a big advocate of creating a spectrum of exercises in order to improve someone’s movement.  In

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How to Properly Warmup for the Kipping Pullup

Since I’m on a tremendous kipping pullup spree lately I figured I’d just keep it going.  Over the years I’ve compiled several corrective exercises (Some mobility drills, some stability

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What’s Worse, Regular Kipping Pullups or Butterfly Kipping Pull-ups?

I’ve been on a major kipping pullup kick lately.  Another topic in the pullup world I wanted to touch on briefly (I promise I’ll stop talking about kipping soon) is the butterfly kipping pullup.

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6 Ways to Make Kipping Pullups Safer

So the last few articles were all trash talking on kipping pullups.  We went over several reasons why kipping pullups might be causing injuries.  If you missed these articles you can find them here: Part

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3 More Reasons Kipping Pullups Cause Injury

I couldn’t help myself.  In this article we discuss 3 more reasons that kipping pullups could be causing injury.  If you missed the first 3 reasons, you can find them all HERE.  This article is

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3 Reasons Kipping Pullups Cause Injuries

First off, I want to say that I’m not against kipping pull-ups.  If you are a competitive crossfit athlete then they are going to be a staple part of your program.  I’m ok with that.  I

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Why Are Kipping Pull-ups Causing Shoulder Injury and What Can We Do About It?

Unfortunately there is not any research to be found that I know of for crossfit exercise and injury.  Luckily crossfit has pretty much stolen their exercises from other sports where some solid research

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