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Shoulder Impingement: Part 5 – How Posture and Breathing Effects Shoulder Impingement

I can’t believe we’re already up to 5 parts on this topic!  In case you missed it. Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4 Do you guys remember upper crossed syndrome from Part 3?  For

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Knee Pain: What You Need to Know About the Core to Prevent Knee Injury – Part 4

Annie’s got some abs If you’re still following this series so far then kudos to you!  We’ve discussed some pretty complex bio-mechanics of the foot, knee and hip.  Hopefully you aren’t

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Shrugs, Posture and Scapular Dysfunction: Does adding Shrugs to your Program Make Sense?

Rob practicing what he preaches. I’m very excited to be posting this article from Rob Rowland.  I met Rob about 3-4 years ago at my very first strongman competition.  This was before I even had

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Two Excellent Postural Exercises You May Already be Doing

When I think of a rehabilitation exercise I usually think of light dumbbells, thera-bands and stability balls.  Don’t get me wrong, I love rehab and it plays an incredibly important role when people

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