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How To Coach and Progress Jumping Variations – Part 1: Double Leg Jumping

As I’ve mentioned in a few posts in the past I’ve been working with a lot of doctorate students finishing their clinical affiliations lately

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Shoulder Pain and Dyskinesia: Correcting Medial Border Prominence During Pushups

I’ve been reading and listening to probably what is more than a healthy amount of scapular research and rehabilitation lately

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Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation: How to Progress Exercises For Shoulder Pain in Athletes Part 1: Closed Chain

I’ve been working with a lot of students lately in my clinical practice as a physical therapist lately

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How to Implement Assessment and Corrective Strategies into Your Box: Part 1 – The Problem and the Solution

I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling and speaking around the United States lately and one of the biggest things I’m trying to do is educate people about screening and assessing themselves

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5 Minute Overhead Mobility

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