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Mindset: A Key Component to Health and Rehab

I’m super excited about today’s post.  It was written by a good friend and mentor of mine, Aline Thompson.  Aline was one of the most influential therapists I’ve had the opportunity

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My Favorite Advanced Rehab Exercises

Hey guys, One challenge for many physical therapists is bridging the gap between basic rehabilitation and getting back to high level training.  The same goes for coaches and trainers.  How do we help

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Does Lack of Sleep Cause Pain?

So sleep is devastatingly important.  We all know this but unfortunately we don’t always value it.  I know atleast for me I tend to put my career in front of sleep frequently and am probably paying

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Keys to Fix and Prevent Shoulder Pain

There really is no single thing that's important for rehabilitating from and preventing shoulder injuries.  I made a quick video describing 6 keys that need to be in place to rehabilitate from shoulder

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Shoulder Impingement Part 7: Stages of Rehabilitation

Updated November 2017 If this is the first time you’ve read been reading this article series I recommend going back to part 1 and starting there.  A lot of the topics build on top of each other.  I

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How to Work Pain Science Into Treatment for Athletes

When I was in graduate school I was lucky enough to have a few great mentors who pushed me into the direction of pain science and the psychosocial approach (Thanks Mark Butler and Steph Muth).  I’ve

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What You Need to Know About Pain to Get Out of Pain and Back to Training

Pain is a funny thing.  Sometimes you can push through it and it gets better.  Sometimes you push through it and it gets worse.  Sometimes one joint hurts a lot one day for what seems like no reason

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How Much Pain Can We Push Through During Rehabilitation?

I’ve written a bit about whether or not it’s ok to push into pain during rehab of chronic injuries and we’ve got some cool research to show that not only is it alright to encourage pain

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Should You Push Your Patients Into Pain During Physical Therapy Exercises?

Whether or not you should push your patients into pain during physical therapy is a pretty common question.  I've seen people on both ends of the spectrum.  Shoulder experts like Jeremy Lewis

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Understanding The Shoulder Pain Epidemic in CrossFit Athletes (Part 3 : Load and Volume Management)

A very popular name in the world of sports medicine right now is Tim Gabbett.  I’ve written a few articles about his research in the past.  Tim has pioneered the research of injury as it relates

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 1

Subacromial Impingement Syndrome is probably the most common injury I see in the clinic.  It’s definitely the most common source of shoulder pain I see.  Often times it’s associated with: Bursitis

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Is Training Your Rotator Cuff Stupid?

So right now there’s a weird trend going on in regard to shoulder rehabilitation.  For some reason I think it’s become unpopular to train the shoulder and more specifically the rotator cuff

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