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Two Interesting Benefits of Foam Rolling

I’m going to start this off by saying that I’m a big proponent of foam rolling (For the right reasons).  I think foam rolling often gets thrown under the bus because some experts think that

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Why Your Hard Met-cons Are Too Easy and Your Easy Met-cons are Too Hard – Introducing Polarized Training

First of all, I stole this title right from a Triathlon Magazine and wanted to give credit where it was due. The title was too perfect not to use.  Second of all I think this idea I’m about to write

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How Often Should We Snatch and Clean and Jerk?

Frequency of lifting is obviously a very important variable in your programming.  The research in improving strength shows us that having higher volumes and frequencies of lifting is more beneficial

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How and Why to Control Breathing During Training To Maximize Performance and NOT Feel Like Death

There is a lot of talk about breathing lately in the training world.  Breathing can be a complex subject matter but it’s incredibly importance for performance and rehabilitation.  Here are a few

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One of My Favorite Drills for the Clean and Jerk and Thruster

Crossfit throws a lot of strange olympic lifting variations together that you wouldn’t normally find in an olympic lifting meet.  This complex puts together several exercises to help build proficiency

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How to Assess and Correct the Front Rack to Improve Front Squats, Jerks, Thrusters and Cleans

Have trouble in the front rack?  Difficulty keeping your elbows up during a front squat?  Can’t grip the bar during a thruster without wrecking your wrists?  Can’t get the bar in the right

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The Best Ankle Dorsiflexion Mobility Drills to Fix Your Squat

As you guys are all probably aware of by now, having adequate ankle flexibility is important for achieving a deep squat.  What is important is being able to distinguish between whether you actually have

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9 Reasons Why I Like Tempo Lifts

Tempo lifts require a certain speed during your lifts.  Let’s use squats as a example.  A prescription of 31X0 for a back squat means: 3 seconds to lower into the bottom of the squat 1 second

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FPF Podcast Episode 32 – Performance, Programming and Injury Prevention with Jason Leydon

Today on the show we’ve got Jason Leydon on the podcast.  Jason Leydon is the head crossfit coach and owner at Crossfit Milford in Connecticut.  Jason is the head coach for the professional fitness

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The Perfect Warm-up for the Snatch

The snatch is easily one of the most challenging exercises I can think of.  It’s certainly one of my weakest exercises and over time I’ve learned to really appreciate the lift.  I’ve

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Get Stronger and Save Your Joints with Dynamic Effort from Westside Barbell

Louie Simmons has been incredibly influential in my own training.  He created something called the Westside Conjugate System of Training.  It’s become a bit of a legendary training program for

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12 Idiot Proof Principles to Crossfit Performance and Injury Prevention: Part 3

Here’s the grand finale of this beast of an article series.  My take on how to succeed in crossfit without hurting yourself, part 3.  In case you missed it, PART 1, PART 2. 9. Set Some Freaking

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