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How to Tell the Difference Between Mobility, Technical and Strength Issues When Someone Has Poor Technique

In the last few article we’ve been discussing reasons why technique falls apart.  In my mind, technique generally falls apart for 3 major reasons: Mobility Deficits Technique (lack of coaching

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How a Lack of Strength Causes Compensation During Squats and Olympic Lifts

I’ve written a lot in the past about mobility issues and how a lack of mobility can cause compensations at another joint.  A good example is a lack of ankle dorsiflexion causing some increased lumbar

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How Common are Injuries in Olympic Weightlifting, Strongman, Crossfit and Recreational Fitness?

Injuries Happen No matter how smart you train, how good your technique is, how great the program is, sometimes things go awry.  Injuries and pain are really just a part of life.  Can we reduce the risk

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Chad Vaughn, Mike Cerbus, Dave Tilley and Dan Pope Talk Squatting

I have the great opportunity to work with world class coaches regularly at power monkey fitness.  At this past power monkey fitness camp we had a nice candid conversation about squatting.  Myself and

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How to Mobilize, Warm-up and Perfect Snatch Technique

Hey guys, a bit of a whopper for you today.  As you know, I work for a company called Power Monkey Fitness.  It’s a continuing education company for olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing

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Mastering Handstands, Muscle-ups and Strict Gymnastics with Powerful Monkeys

Hey all, This week I’m at Power Monkey Camp again.  It’s always incredibly fun and a great learning experience.  You really can’t get such an all-star cast of fitness pros anywhere

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The 10 Best Articles of 2016

It’s that time of year.  Here are the most popular articles on fitnesspainfree.com from 2016 (In no particular order). 1: Quick and Easy TFL Stretch and Assessment Quick and Easy TFL (Tensor Fascia

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5 Reasons Your Elbows Drop During Heavy Cleans and Front Squats

We’ve all seen it before.  With front squats your body stays nice and upright during warm-up sets.  As the weights get heavy you notice your athletes start dumping the weight forward when they

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3 Drills To Correct Muted Hip and Reduce Extension Based Lower Back Pain

Since we just went over extension low back pain earlier this week I felt like this would be a good topic for today because a muted hip can occur for the same reasons extension based low back pain occurs. A

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How to Program Workouts that Contain Both Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics – New Programming!

Olympic lifting and gymnastics are both complex movements, arguably the most complex movements in our fitness program.  They take time and effort to develop adequately.  Technique during these movement

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3 Unique Exercises to Promote Front Rack Proficiency

Getting into a front rack is easy for some and seemingly impossible for others.  If you ever want to be able to perform front squats, push press, thrusters and barbell jerk variations you better get pretty

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An Overlooked Reason for Excessive Toe Out in the Deep Squat

So, why do athletes end up toeing out (point their toes out) excessively in the bottom of the squat?  The major answers are usually poor ankle mobility (dorsiflexion) and poor hip flexion range of motion.

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