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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Perform Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

Kipping is a bit of a controversial subject. Some people have fully embraced it as a skill that should be developed and others still believe it’s the devil incarnate releasing rotator cuff carnage throughout

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2 Unique Drills to Improve Lockout and Turn-over in the Muscle-up

Two areas where I see athletes struggle in the strict muscle-up are: Locking out the dip and turning the rings out Turning over into the dip

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Are Kipping Pull-ups Really That Dangerous? Part 2: Building Strength and Technique Across Kipping Patterns

As you all know I have a great love for speaking and writing about kipping pullups and all things kipping.  I work for a gymnastics continuing education company (powermonkeyfitness), coach adult gymnastics

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3 Tips For Getting Your First Strict Muscle-up

I’m a big fan of coaching our gymnastics class at Crossfit Verve.  One coveted movement is the muscle-up.  It’s just a cool exercise.  When you see someone perform these easily it’s

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An Often Overlooked Aspect of Kipping Pull-up Mastery

Muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups and front uprises.  All really fun, and all requiring kipping.  Trouble is, in order to perform these movements well, you are going to need a little work on the basics.

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4 Unique Drills to Improve the Bottom of Dips and Muscle-ups

A big teaching point with the coaches at power monkey fitness is getting comfortable in the bottom of a dip.  Just like you want to have a rock solid squat in order to perform the olympic lifts properly,

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3 Tips to Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle-ups

Far and away one of the most challenging exercises in the fitness world is the muscle-up.  Given the complexity and challenge of the exercise some people end up getting themselves into hairy situations

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