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How Shoulder Injuries Occur During Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

I’m a strong believer in understanding how injuries occur before we just start blindly applying a rehabilitation program. Think about it, how do we expect to get someone out of pain and back to

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4 Reasons Why You Can’t Do Kipping Pull-ups and Muscle-ups

Quick Navigation Is Kipping Bad for You? Kipping Basics Hollow Hold Why the Hollow is Off 1) Inadequate Mobility in the Spine  2) Inadequate Motor Control 3) Inadequate Strength 4) Inadequate

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2 Unique Drills to Improve Lockout and Turn-over in the Muscle-up

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3 Tips For Getting Your First Strict Muscle-up

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An Often Overlooked Aspect of Kipping Pull-up Mastery

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4 Unique Drills to Improve the Bottom of Dips and Muscle-ups

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3 Tips to Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle-ups

Far and away one of the most challenging exercises in the fitness world is the muscle-up

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