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Rest and Improve: Part 1: Supercompensation for Badassery

We all love to train.  That’s a great thing.  The only problem is that sometimes our bodies need to rest to continue making progress.  If I could just pile drive my way through training as hard

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FPF Podcast E12: How to Build Strength and Muscle Mass Most Effectively

Rob and I are both devotees to the strength and muscle game.  In this episode we discuss: Our journeys into the world of strength and size training Just how buff is Dr. Rob Rowland? Programming for

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Progress Pics, Max Front Squats, Bench and Chains – Dan’s Training

Every year I get a little more muscular and a little leaner 8/20/2012 AM: Dynamic Warm-up

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7 Common Pitfalls that Keep People from their Fitness Goals

1. Crappy Programming You can’t build abs in 20 minutes per week.  Drinking beet juice 3 days per week, potatoes on the fourth day and doing handstands on the 5th won’t get you where you want to be. 

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How to Eat to Build Maximal Muscle and Minimize Fat Gain

The byproduct of 9 months of consistent eating and heavy training, 15 pounds of solid mass.   I took this photo a week ago.  A little fatter, a lot stronger.  How did I do it?

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Beefcake Shake

Beefcake Shake Alright. So I am trying to get more muscular. I’m trying to put on weight.  I’m trying to get stronger. It’s hard as heck to eat enough calories per day and cooking takes

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