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One of the Best Overhead Mobility Exercises You’ve Never Thought of

So ya, I’ve been a little bit into the lats recently.  Some would say I’ve gone a little bit crazy with the lats.  Fair enough.  I can’t argue with you there.  If you missed it, I

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3 Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Lat Stretches

We all know and love Lat stretches.  Heck I’m stretching my lats right now as I type this (impressive right?).  Lats are obviously a major muscle that can decrease your ability to bring your arms

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3 Unique Exercises to Promote Front Rack Proficiency

Getting into a front rack is easy for some and seemingly impossible for others.  If you ever want to be able to perform front squats, push press, thrusters and barbell jerk variations you better get pretty

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4 Unique Drills to Improve the Bottom of Dips and Muscle-ups

A big teaching point with the coaches at power monkey fitness is getting comfortable in the bottom of a dip.  Just like you want to have a rock solid squat in order to perform the olympic lifts properly,

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How the Shoulder Affects the Front Rack and How to Address It

Are you the guy who’s pinky slips out from under the bar during a max clean and jerk?  Do your wrists kill after thrusters?  Can’t even touch the barbell to your chest during push press? You

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Self Kettlebell Thoracic Spine Mobilization with Ryan DeBell

I recently had the opportunity to speak at Ohare Crossfit for Angelo Sisco and his wonderful employees on the topics of mobility and programming for safety and performance.   Dr. Ryan Debell from

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A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 3 – Addressing Compensation With a Continuum Model

Last week we spoke about why compensation occurs in our body.  When we have an athlete who displays some of these compensations we have to determine why these are occurring so that we can more thoroughly

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3 Simple and Effective Kettlebell Thoracic Spine Mobility and Scapular Stability Exercises

Shoulder health is a favorite topic of mine.  Having adequate thoracic spine mobility is an important variable for healthy shoulders.  Also important is being able to properly control the shoulder blade

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The Definitive Article on Fixing the Pistol: Part 1 Mobility

The Pistol – World’s Dumbest Exercise? I’ve got a little secret.  I used to absolutely hate pistols.  I used to watch people who are good at them and just get mad.  How the heck do

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How to Implement Assessment and Corrective Strategies into Your Box: Part 3 – Assessing Front Rack Mobility

In last week’s article we talked about implementing assessments for overhead mobility into your box, this time we’ll talk front rack (Front rackanese?).  One of the first things I’ll

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How to Implement Assessment and Corrective Strategies into Your Box: Part 2 – Assessing Overhead Mobility

Last week we went over the importance of implementing assessment and corrective strategies at your box.  This week we’ll begin going over the specifics of how to do it.  First up, overhead mobility.

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How to Implement Assessment and Corrective Strategies into Your Box: Part 1 – The Problem and the Solution

I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling and speaking around the United States lately and one of the biggest things I’m trying to do is educate people about screening and assessing themselves

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