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How Often Should I Stretch?

Stretching is a pretty complex topic lately.  I think this is mostly because we’re figuring out that stretching doesn’t really do what we once thought it does.  For example we’re learning

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The Best Manual Techniques to Improve Overhead Mobility

Shoulder mobility is going to be very important for all exercises performed overhead.  If you want to be performing movements like push jerks, snatches and pull-ups properly then you’ll want to

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Does Foam Rolling Increase Long Term Flexibility?

Recently I’ve heard a lot of hatred and negative talk toward foam rolling.  A common reason for this is the plethora of research coming out about foam rolling having short term effects when it comes

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Is the Joint by Joint Approach Accurate for Shoulder Pain?

I’m a big fan of the joint by joint approach as a basic understanding of how the joints in the body interact for movement.  As a refresher the joint by joint approach was popularized by Gray Cook

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Are Lat Stretches Dangerous? and 5 Better Ways to Gain Overhead Mobility

So, I’ve said it myself.  It’s important to have mobile lats.  Having adequate lat length will allow for overhead mobility.  Overhead mobility is super important for: Optimal technique

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How to Mobilize, Warm-up and Perfect Snatch Technique

Hey guys, a bit of a whopper for you today.  As you know, I work for a company called Power Monkey Fitness.  It’s a continuing education company for olympic lifting, gymnastics, running, rowing

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3 Unique Eccentric Exercises for Overhead Mobility

I think sometimes we forget that good old eccentric training can be an effective way to gain mobility.  It’s a well studied phenomenon and under utilized tool in my opinion.  A couple reasons why

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How to Assess Overhead Mobility: Part 3

This month’s Insiders webinar is part 3 in our discussion on improving overhead mobility.  One major issue we tackle are sets, reps, frequency, duration and intensity.  One thing I’ve never understood

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How to Assess Overhead Mobility: Part 2

This month’s Insiders webinar is a continuation of last month’s series on assessing overhead mobility.  Last time we went through the step by step process of how I assess overhead mobility.  This

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How to Assess Overhead Mobility: Part 1

This month’s Insiders webinar is a thorough step by step process of how I assess overhead mobility.  I’ve written a lot in the past about overhead mobility.  It makes up a huge part of my treatment

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2 Easy Ways to Get More From Your Foam Rolling

I like to use foam rolling a lot to help gain new range of motion for my clients.  It’s fast and easy to do.  It’s also a great option for people who have pain with stretching or at their

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Why You Should Foam Roll After Training

One phenomenon that occurs throughout a single game and over the course of a season for a baseball pitcher is a reduction in their throwing arm range of motion (total arc and internal rotation).  Where

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