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Save Your Spine by Learning How to Assess and Correct Deadlift Patterns

We all know how important it is to keep a neutral spine while deadlifting.  There are so many fantastic videos out there showing how not to deadlift.  Here’s one of my favorites: http://youtu.be/X4P14V7rqbg I

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Finding the Best Squat Stance for Performance, Hip and Lower Back Health

Proper squatting forms the basis of any performance system and is essential to meaningful function as an athlete and human.  This includes all populations including the elderly (might need to scale though,

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Push Press 101: Why Does Push Press Hurt My Lower Back? Part 2

If you missed it, in Part 1 we talked all about why your lower back might hurt from doing overhead press. So how do we fix it? 1) Check to see if you’ve got adequate thoracic spine and shoulder

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Push Press 101: Why is Overhead Pressing Hurting My Lower Back? Part 1

If you guys have been following this site for any length of time you know that I’m a huge fan of cleaning up your technique on all of your lifts.  It will do just about everything from making you

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How Not to Destroy Your Lower Back While Squatting: Avoiding The Dreaded Butt Tuck Position

Updated November 2017: Pretty much everyone calls “butt” tuck”  butt wink now. To start, I wanted to say that I plugged the words “butt tuck” into google to get some good

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Why Your Deadlift Technique Sucks – Using the Joint By Joint Approach – Part 4

We’ve all seen it.  It starts as a friendly attempt at picking up a heavy weight.  It ends in terror, back pain and vertebral discs being shot all over the room.  You know what I’m talking

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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 16: The “Core” and Low Back Pain

The word “core” is thrown around quite a bit in the fitness and physical therapy world.  Rob and I go over the core in depth and how it relates to low back pain.  Join us as we battle over

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The Best Kept Secret in Injury Prevention: Joint By Joint Approach for Crossfit – Part 1

The human body is complex.  Assessment, corrective exercise and injury prevention is also tricky.  If we’re new to the game, how can we begin to figure out our deficits and address them?  If

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The Lizard Crawl – An Advanced Core Exercise

Everybody loves a good lizard crawl. Technique: Get into a pushup position and take your legs out a bit wider then your shoulders and lower yourself a little closer to the floor Focus on keeping your

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What to do about Back Pain: 5 Recommendations for Clinicians and Patients

By: Rob Rowland We have all the heard the statistics on back pain and chances are you have dealt with it yourself.  The problem is that with the prevalence of back pain, most people are still clueless

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Low Back Disorders – Stuart McGill Book Review

LOW BACK Disorders – Evidence-Based Prevention and Rehabilitation Book Review Buy the book from amazon HERE: Stuart McGill has built quite a name for himself over the years.  It seems that in the

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Training the Lower Back in the Morning may put you More at Risk for Injury.

Intervertebral Discs sit between each vertebrae in the human spine.These are the structures you hear of when someone says they have a herniated disc. Upon waking first thing in the morning your intervertebral

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