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Rest and Improve: Part 1: Supercompensation for Badassery

We all love to train.  That’s a great thing.  The only problem is that sometimes our bodies need to rest to continue making progress.  If I could just pile drive my way through training as hard

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Two Interesting Benefits of Sleep for Athletes

Do you ever wonder why human beings need sleep?  Why do we need to be unconscious for 1/3 of the day every day.  Was it a survival mechanism we adapted to stay indoors and out of harm at night when we

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16 Tips for reducing stress

Let’s face it, stress sucks. No one likes to constantly feel overwhelmed and powerless. Chronic stress is a destructive force that’s tough to deal with. Stress has been linked to numerous illnesses

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Meditation reduces stress among other things

Got Stress? Meditation has been utilized as an effective tool for stress reduction for years.

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How to treat Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC) Naturally

*I’m not MD, please talk to your doctor before trying any of the advice contained in this article. I’ve had a funny heart beat for about 10 years. I’ve been to the doctor and had many

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