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5 Common Causes of Extension Based Lower Back Pain (Part 1)

We all know that lifting with a rounded lower back can certainly cause some lower back pain.  What’s also important to wrap your head around is that many people don’t have trouble with lumbar

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How to Program Workouts that Contain Both Olympic Lifting and Gymnastics – New Programming!

Olympic lifting and gymnastics are both complex movements, arguably the most complex movements in our fitness program.  They take time and effort to develop adequately.  Technique during these movement

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A Stupid Simple Exercise to Improve Your Pistol

I’m a big fan of working pistols as a skill.  Most people don’t have the mobility, strength or exposure to perform pistols well, especially as a new trainee.  One drill I’ve been using

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Why Your Hard Met-cons Are Too Easy and Your Easy Met-cons are Too Hard – Introducing Polarized Training

First of all, I stole this title right from a Triathlon Magazine and wanted to give credit where it was due. The title was too perfect not to use.  Second of all I think this idea I’m about to write

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How to Increase Your Risk of Injury by 7000%

We all know the importance of having adequate mobility in order to perform snatches, clean and jerks, handstands and muscle-ups.  We also know just how important technique is to performance and injury

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My Favorite Exercise to Build Strong Shoulders for Butterfly Pull-ups

Butterfly pull-ups get a bad rap.  Like any other exercise they are a skill and the body needs to be prepared to perform them correctly and handle the stress of the exercise.  Here is a favorite exercise

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Why Do Stiff Ankles Cause “Knee In” or “Toe Out” During the Squat?

Hey guys, quick tip today.  I think most people understand that having poor ankle dorsiflexion motion can hinder their ability to hit a deep squat, particularly an overhead squat.  What I don’t

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3 Great Lower Trapezius Exercises You’ve Never Thought Of

So the scapulae are kind of a big deal.  They help us do cool stuff in the gym and help keep our shoulders healthy.  What goes on in the shoulder blade is very important from a shoulder impingement

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3 Tips to Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle-ups

Far and away one of the most challenging exercises in the fitness world is the muscle-up.  Given the complexity and challenge of the exercise some people end up getting themselves into hairy situations

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Super Simple and Effective Way to Improve Shoulder Health and Internal Rotation

So, I’m guessing that most of you have seen this exercise.  It isn’t sexy or fancy, but it is effective for a few reasons that may be new for you.

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A Deep Investigation into the Safety and Performance of the Deep Squat: Part 5 – Hip Health, Should we Squat With the Toes Straight Ahead?

So last week we discussed what the hips needs to do in a deep squat and what compensations occur when we lack hip flexion in the squat.  Before moving on I wanted to recap these compensations: Compensatory

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How Often Should We Snatch and Clean and Jerk?

Frequency of lifting is obviously a very important variable in your programming.  The research in improving strength shows us that having higher volumes and frequencies of lifting is more beneficial

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