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Understanding The Shoulder Pain Epidemic in CrossFit Athletes (Part 3 : Load and Volume Management)

A very popular name in the world of sports medicine right now is Tim Gabbett.  I’ve written a few articles about his research in the past.  Tim has pioneered the research of injury as it relates

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Are Lat Stretches Dangerous? and 5 Better Ways to Gain Overhead Mobility

So, I’ve said it myself.  It’s important to have mobile lats.  Having adequate lat length will allow for overhead mobility.  Overhead mobility is super important for: Optimal technique

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 3

I’m excited for this part of the article series because we’re finally tying together all of the aspects explored in the previous articles.   At last we get to the practical stuff.  In part

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 2

In last week’s post we spoke about the 1st 4 reasons why people’s shoulders get hurt in the gym. Poor rotator cuff strength Too much total pressing volume Not enough balance with pressing

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5 Reasons to Try These Novel Strict Rope Climb Variations

A major theme for shoulder health is the introduction of more horizontal pulling variations.  This holds especially true in the off-season as we are trying to work in multiple planes and build back balance

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Are General Orthopedic Screens A Missing Tool in Your Toolbox?

I remember back in physical therapy school we used to do balance screens for the elderly in our community.  It was such an awesome idea.  We could easily assess risk of falls in our elderly patients

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A Simple Modification for Kipping Pull-ups You’ve Never Tried

So last week I leaked some of my favorite modifications for C-kip and Butterfly Pull-ups.  In case you missed them I’ll post them below: Butterfly: I really wanted to make a blog post about how

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How to Hang on a Bar Without Hurting Your Shoulders

Most people have a very aggressive introduction to hanging and kipping movements.  It usually goes a little bit like this: Hop right up and grab the bar.  Didn’t fall off?  Great let’s try

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Keep Your Rotator Cuff Strong with Shoulder Circuits

Earlier in the week we spoke about how and why to create circuits to keep your shoulders strong and healthy.  No one wants to be sidelined with shoulder pain.  I wanted to give you all an example of

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How to Create Circuits for Strong Resilient Shoulders

I see a lot of shoulder pain in my clinical practice.  It probably rivals low back pain with the most common injury I end up treating (Low back pain is more common in the general population).  For this

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6 Step Guide to Prevent and Fix Extension Based Lower Back Pain (Part 2)

Welcome back.  So in the first installment we broke down: What extension based lower back pain is Which movements have the potential to cause it Compensations that lead to overextension and potential

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3 Drills To Correct Muted Hip and Reduce Extension Based Lower Back Pain

Since we just went over extension low back pain earlier this week I felt like this would be a good topic for today because a muted hip can occur for the same reasons extension based low back pain occurs. A

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