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How to Balance a Handstand

Handstands are definitely one of the hardest things to master in the fitness realm.  Most people actually learn how to handstand walk before they learn how to balance in place.  This is akin to learning

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How to Quickly and Efficiently Progress Handstand Pushups

I teach a lot of handstand pushups.  In a group environment it can be very tricky to find modifications and progressions for all athletes, especially when you have a class with varied levels of strength

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Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation: How to Progress Exercises For Shoulder Pain in Athletes Part 1: Closed Chain

I’ve been working with a lot of students lately in my clinical practice as a physical therapist lately.  In my experience most students tend to have pretty good clinical decision making skills,

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The Best Drills and Progressions for Handstands and Handstand Walking

One of the challenges of coaching a complex movement in a group setting is that generally most people in the room end up being at a different level of competency when it comes to these movements.  As

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