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Does Foam Rolling Increase Long Term Flexibility?

Recently I’ve heard a lot of hatred and negative talk toward foam rolling.  A common reason for this is the plethora of research coming out about foam rolling having short term effects when it comes

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Why Does My Snatch Suck? Fixing the Set-Up and First Pull: Part 3

In the last series we went over common areas that may be holding us back from getting into a good set-up position for the snatch and being efficient in the first pull.  If you missed the first 2 articles

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Why Your Deadlift Technique Sucks – Using the Joint By Joint Approach – Part 4

We’ve all seen it.  It starts as a friendly attempt at picking up a heavy weight.  It ends in terror, back pain and vertebral discs being shot all over the room.  You know what I’m talking

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Fitness Pain Free Episode 5: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hamstring Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

Join Dan Pope and Rob Rowland as they explore the wild world of Hamstring Injury. Why Hamstring Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation is important How to tell if you have a hamstring injury How to prevent

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