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3 Tips to Reduce Shoulder Pain in Muscle-ups

Far and away one of the most challenging exercises in the fitness world is the muscle-up.  Given the complexity and challenge of the exercise some people end up getting themselves into hairy situations

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Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation: How to Progress Exercises For Shoulder Pain in Athletes Part 1: Closed Chain

I’ve been working with a lot of students lately in my clinical practice as a physical therapist lately.  In my experience most students tend to have pretty good clinical decision making skills,

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The Best Drills and Progressions for Handstands and Handstand Walking

One of the challenges of coaching a complex movement in a group setting is that generally most people in the room end up being at a different level of competency when it comes to these movements.  As

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The Best Mobility Drills and Progressions for the Ring Muscle-Up

We all know and love the ring muscle-up.  It’s a fun exercise and feels great the first time we accomplish our first rep.  On the flip side of the coin, it’s also an exercise that can lead

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FPF Podcast Episode 30: Gymnastics, Crossfit and Safety with Dr. Dave Tilley

This week I get a chance to interview Dr. Dave Tilley.  Dave has a very interesting background as a competitive collegiate gymnast, physical therapist and crossfitter.  This combo allows for some excellent

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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 28: Crossfit and Gymnastics with Team USA Gymnast David Durante

Join me today as I interview David Durante.  David is a multiple time USA gymnastics national champion and was part of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Team as alternate. After retiring from competition, David

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Been trying to do some gymnastic stuff recently. Spent my day off sunday making these bad boys. I found this awesome article here on how to make them. As

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