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Exercise facilitates carbohydrates going to muscle instead of fat – Fun Fact #5

Cells and enzymes and stuff After eating carbohydrates, they end up in your blood stream as sugar and some of the sugar ends up being stored in the liver and muscle as glycogen (the body’s storage

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Fun Fact #5: Training the lower back in the morning may put you more at risk for injury.

Intervertebral Discs sit between each vertebrae in the human spine.These are the structures you hear of when someone says they have a herniated disc. Upon waking first thing in the morning your

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Fun Fact #3 – 6 steps to a bigger, safer bench

If you guys haven’t noticed I skipped #3 previously and went straight to #4 already. Trust me I’m going to be a doctor. Using new technique will feel a bit awkward but I promise in the long

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Meditation reduces stress among other things

Got Stress? Meditation has been utilized as an effective tool for stress reduction for years.

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Fun Fact #2 – Got Knee Pain?

Got Knee Pain? Don’t feel badly, its the most common lower extremity area to have an injury. Recent research from Chris Powers over at the University of Southern California is showing that knee

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Fun Fact #1

Hey guys, I wanted to start up a fun fact portion for this blog. Here goes, get excited! Bone broth (also known as stock) made from animal bones, especially joints contain compounds called glycosaminoglycans(GAG)

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