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4 Easy Progressions of the Short Foot to Provide Knee and Foot Pain Relief

Hey man, keep your foot short!  Fix your foot.  Arch up! Not the most common cues you hear in the gym. My super good buddy and co-host of the fitness pain free podcast Rob Rowland asked me one time,

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The Best Kept Secret in Injury Prevention: Joint By Joint Approach for Crossfit – Part 1

The human body is complex.  Assessment, corrective exercise and injury prevention is also tricky.  If we’re new to the game, how can we begin to figure out our deficits and address them?  If

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Ankle Mobility: A Small Twist to Make An Already Effective Exercise Better

Alright so we’ve all heard of the benefits of improving ankle mobility: Deeper, improved position in squats and pistols Improved tracking of the patella and knee position during movement Better

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Achilles Tendinopathy and Rupture – Practical Prevention Strategies for the Crossfit Population

We recently released a podcast episode with Pat Byrnes going in depth about Achilles Tendinopathy and Rupture.  If you missed it you can check it out HERE: Here’s a list of the key points we discussed

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Fitness Pain Free Episode 6: Special Guest Pat Byrnes – All About Achilles Tendinosis and Achilles Rupture Prevention and Treatment

Pat Byrnes Gettin after it Today we have a very special guest, Crossfit Tribe head trainer Pat Byrnes.  Pat is a great crossfit athlete and coach.  He’s also a wounded warrior.  He suffered an

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Fitness Pain Free Podcast Episode 4: Barefoot Running, Vibrams, Nike Frees, Stinky Feet

Join Dan Pope and Rob Rowland as they embark of the dangerous journey of shoe recommendations, barefoot running and Chuck Taylor’s. Shoe recommendations for those with flat feet vs. a higher arch Why

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Knee Pain: Fixing the Foot – Part 2

Alright, so now we know why the hip and foot are important in the health of our knees, let’s get into the nitty gritty of how to address these problems. Part 1, Part 3, Part 4 Taking a look at

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Knee Pain: Understanding the Foot and Hip’s role in Knee Pain – Part 1

When compared to other areas of the body, the knee joint is a fairly simple joint.  It’s for the most part a hinge joint, like the hinges on your door.  Understanding all of the movements that

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