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Breaking Down the Dip (Mobility, Performance, Shoulder Pain)

It’s time for another episode of STRONGER TV. This week we take a look into one of my favorite exercises, the dip. Dips are a very important motion for carry-over to ring muscle-ups and can

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How Bench Press, Dips and Push-ups Cause Shoulder Pain

Unfortunately, if you've been performing bench press, dips or push-ups for long enough chances are you've experienced some sort of shoulder pain.  Trouble is, these are great movements.  If

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How to Perform Dips and Push-ups Without Hurting Your Shoulders

Technique is obviously an important part of improving someone's strength and performance but it's also vital when trying to prevent future shoulder injuries.  As physical therapists Dave and I

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7 Reasons Why Your Shoulders Get Hurt in the Gym: Part 3

I’m excited for this part of the article series because we’re finally tying together all of the aspects explored in the previous articles.   At last we get to the practical stuff.  In part

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2 Unique Drills to Improve Lockout and Turn-over in the Muscle-up

Two areas where I see athletes struggle in the strict muscle-up are: Locking out the dip and turning the rings out Turning over into the dip

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4 Unique Drills to Improve the Bottom of Dips and Muscle-ups

A big teaching point with the coaches at power monkey fitness is getting comfortable in the bottom of a dip.  Just like you want to have a rock solid squat in order to perform the olympic lifts properly,

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