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Rest and Improve: Part 2: Deloading for Crossfitters

In Part 1 we discussed supercompensation and how it relates to being a fitness machine.  This time we’ll talk about something called “deload” or” backoff” weeks.  This

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Dan’s Training Log Week of 9/24/2012 Deloading it Up!

Well after this past saturday’s train wreck of a session (It was actually very challenging and fun) its time for a deload.  It’s week 4 of my training cycle and time to rest.  I’m

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Rest and Improve: Part 1: Supercompensation for Badassery

We all love to train.  That’s a great thing.  The only problem is that sometimes our bodies need to rest to continue making progress.  If I could just pile drive my way through training as hard

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