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6 Pro Tips For Reducing Lower Back Pain During Deadlifts

In the last post we went over modifications for the bench press when the shoulder hurts. Click HERE if you missed it. Today we talk deadlifting. Before we get started, here are some basic principles

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Is It Bad to Round the Lower Back During a Deadlift?

So there is a recent trend in the physical therapy world that, “there are no bad movements, only poorly prepared positions.” The idea is that there is no such thing as “bad” technique

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How to Modify Deadlifts for Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is an enormous obstacle you’ll undoubtedly encounter as a coach.  Many athletes have trouble with lower back pain when they deadlift.  It makes sense, deadlifting really stresses

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5 Minute Deadlift Assessment and Mobility (Toe Touch Assessment)

Two weeks ago I made a video entitled 5-minute overhead mobility.  It’s a compilation of my favorite overhead mobility exercises with an assessment and demonstrations with explanations of each mobilization.

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Save Your Spine by Learning How to Assess and Correct Deadlift Patterns

We all know how important it is to keep a neutral spine while deadlifting.  There are so many fantastic videos out there showing how not to deadlift.  Here’s one of my favorites: I

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Why Your Deadlift Technique Sucks – Using the Joint By Joint Approach – Part 4

We’ve all seen it.  It starts as a friendly attempt at picking up a heavy weight.  It ends in terror, back pain and vertebral discs being shot all over the room.  You know what I’m talking

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Fact or Fiction? Will Heavy Squats Make Me Produce More Testosterone?

I always hear people talk about how doing squats will increase your body’s production of testosterone.  The gym is filled with so much “bro science” that it’s very difficult to

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2 Moves Everyone Needs to Master – Easy Tips for Coaching the Squat and Deadlift

I think the squat and deadlift are two of the most important exercises to learn, but for me they can also be the most frustrating to teach. Here are a couple techniques I use to ingrain good technique

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